Jon Jones Makes Another Bad Choice with UFC Career at Crossroads

Written by Tom Ngo
January 13th, 2015

UFC Jon Jones

The enigma that is Jon Jones (pictured) took another unexpected twist Tuesday when his mother revealed Jon’s stint in rehab for cocaine use lasted all of one night.

Jones is the most decorated light heavyweight champion the UFC has ever known, and is arguably the greatest fighter MMA has ever witnessed, but fans haven’t gravitated towards Jones for several reasons. The most popular choice is that the 27-year-old portrays himself one way when the cameras are rolling (“First of all, I’d like to give an apology to the MGM Grand and all the fans, all the kids who [saw the brawl with Daniel Cormier.”), but acts the complete opposite when the spotlight isn’t on (“Hey, pussy. You still there?).

It’s this perceived fake persona that’s prevented Jones from becoming the crossover superstar that most believe he already should have been.

That’s currently where the “Bones” brand stands, and Jones couldn’t seem to care less so nobody else should, either. Fair enough.

However, after testing positive for benzoylecgonine, the main metabolite in cocaine, less than three years after getting arrested for driving while intoxicated after wrapping his $190,000 Bentley around a telephone pole, Jones needed to take a genuine look at himself in the mirror, yet opted to revert back to his fake ways.

“I am taking this treatment program very seriously,” Jones expressed in a statement to Yahoo! Sports just last week when he revealed he was entering rehab for his cocaine use.

Jones apparently gave his treatment his all for all of 12ish hours…

Perhaps Jones doesn’t have a partying problem and he entered rehab as a PR stunt to try and salvage what’s left of his tarnished image. I mean, that’s exactly what Nate Diaz suggested the day after Jones’ flunked drug test came to light.

“I ain’t buyin it #ufcbullshit #publicitystun #bereal #cocaine,” Diaz tweeted.

According to Jones’ mother, Jon told her that it was just bad “timing” that he got randomly drug tested the day after hanging out with some friends. He appears to have convinced his mommy, the person he called to bail him out of jail after his 2012 DWI arrest, that he doesn’t have a serious problem with cocaine and that it was merely unfortunate luck that he got caught. 

UFC president Dana White believes Jones has a serious cocaine issue on his hands.

“If you did [cocaine] during a training camp, there’s a problem,” White deadpanned on last Wednesday’s episode of “America’s Pregame.” At the time of White’s comment, nobody knew exactly when Jones had taken cocaine prior to UFC 182.

Jones was randomly tested on December 4, exactly 30 days before successfully defending his throne against Daniel Cormier. Therefore, Jones took cocaine in the middle of his training camp.

For some ridiculous reason, cocaine is not a banned substance with the Nevada Athletic Commission during out-of-competition testing periods (12 hours before a fight). Thus, the NAC can’t suspend, fine or overturn Jones’ victory over Cormier to a no contest. Furthermore, the NAC, the governing body for the alleged “fight capital of the world,” blundered by testing Jones for drugs of abuse (such as cocaine and marijuana) on his random pre-fight exam to begin with.

Those screenings are only conducted during in-competition periods (less than 12 hours before a fight). So, it makes you wonder if Jones would have even had his brief stint in rehab if the drugs of abuse test was never conducted and the results weren’t made public.

The UFC could discipline or even strip Jones of his title by citing the UFC Fighter Code of Conduct, but White said they will wait until the UFC 182 post-fight drug test results return before addressing possible punishment.

Many young stars have traveled down the same road Jones is currently tail spinning down, and very few have come out in a better place. It’s time for Jones to thin out his entourage, eliminate the abundant yes-men he’s surrounded himself with and stand in front of that dreaded mirror again. 

But this time, take a REAL look at himself before it’s too late.

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