Jon Jones: ‘I’m Not a Cocaine Addict’

Written by Tom Ngo
January 18th, 2015

UFC Jon Jones

“If you did it during a training camp, there’s a problem,” UFC president Dana White previously stated of Jon Jones’ (pictured) cocaine use.

Contrary to what White believes, the reigning UFC light heavyweight king claims he doesn’t have a cocaine problem despite using the illegal substance just 31 days prior to his successful title defense against Daniel Cormier at UFC 182.

For the first time since his flunked random drug test came to light on January 6 for benzoylecgonine, the main metabolite in cocaine, Jones is publicly addressing his latest mishap. In an exclusive interview with “Fox Sports Live,” which will air in its entirety on Monday at 11 p.m. ET (8 p.m. PT), Jones claims he’s not a “frequent user” of cocaine and simply made a poor decision on this occasion.

“It’s a really embarrassing situation,” Jones stated. “I had to explain to so many people I’m not a cocaine addict, by any means. [I’m] not even a frequent user. I just made a really dumb decision and really got caught with my pants down with this whole situation.”

When Jones previously released his generic statement addressing his cocaine use, “Bones” said he was entering a rehab facility and would take his treatment “very seriously.” However, Jones’ mother revealed this past Tuesday that her son stayed all of one night.

Because Jones was randomly screened by the Nevada Athletic Commission during an “out-of-competition” period – more than 12 hours before a fight when cocaine isn’t considered a banned substance – the commission can’t fine, suspend nor overturn Jones’ win against Cormier to a no contest.

However, the UFC docked Jones $25,000 Saturday for breaking their Fighter Code of Conduct for his positive test. It could have been worse for the controversial 27-year-old, the UFC could have stripped him of his title citing the Fighter Code of Conduct if they wished.

Jones might not think he has a cocaine problem, but he might have a partying problem. Let’s not forget, Jones was arrested in May 2012 for driving while intoxicated in New York after wrapping his $190,000 Bentley around a telephone pole. After pleading guilty, Jones was fined $1,000 and had his driver’s license suspended for six months.

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