Jon Jones Details Past Cocaine Use

Written by Tom Ngo
January 19th, 2015

UFC Jon Jones

For the first time since flunking a random drug test for benzoylecgonine, the main metabolite in cocaine, UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (pictured) faced the firing squad to answer questions about his lasted blunder.

Jones sat down with “Fox Sports Live” Monday and revealed his history with cocaine, which dates back to his days in college.

Here are the bullet points from Jones’ interview:

Jones said the last two weeks have been “bitter sweet. More bitter than sweet.”

UFC president Dana White is the person who called Jones at his Albuquerque home to inform him of his failed test. Jones said White was concerned and asked why and how something like that could happen.

The day he was tested, “It was a nerve wracking day. I knew that I had done something wrong and I knew that the test would show that.”

Jones didn’t tell anyone, not even his coaches, that he had failed the pre-fight drug test.

Jones knew he would fail the exam, but concentrated on the only thing he could control, and that was the fight against Daniel Cormier.

He considered he could get pulled from UFC 182. Jones was still worried up until the weigh-ins, but nobody had approached him so he thought “maybe the test didn’t pick it up or something.”

Jones has no excuses for why he did it right before a fight. He says a coward would come up with an elaborate excuse to explain why he did it. He’s not blaming pressure or his friends. Claims it’s not a mistake because he made a conscious decision to do it.

Jones admitted to using cocaine in the past, “I had done it before. Quite a few times in college I had experimented with it, but that’s really it. Mainly just college, something that I just dipped and dabbed in a little bit, but it was never really an issue.”

College and before this fight was the only time you’ve done it? “Yeah, pretty much. I’m definitely not perfect by any means. I would say the drug was introduced to me in my college years. The first time I did it was in college. I do not dab into cocaine, it’s not my thing at all. The night I did it, there’s no excuse. I don’t know what came over me.”

Jones admits that he’s done other illegal drugs in the past, “I’ve dipped and dabbed in my fair share of partying.”

Jones denies having a problem with cocaine.

Jones says he’s sincerely apologized to White, Lorenzo Fertitta and his friends and family.

He says he probably embarrassed his brothers, who both play in the NFL.

Jones says his mother was supportive from the jump. Was only concerned about how deep of an issue his cocaine use was.

Jones doesn’t know why the results of a substance that isn’t banned during out-of-competition periods were made public. His team and lawyers are looking into it. He won’t comment on whether he will pursue legal action against the Nevada Athletic Commission.

Jones doesn’t feel he should be fired by UFC because it’s not a constant issue for him.

He and Cormier both tested for lower than normal levels of testosterone. Jones says it means nothing. He has never taken any performance-enhancing drugs.

Jones’ business partners are the ones who encouraged him to go to rehab, even though he felt he didn’t need to go because he doesn’t have a drug problem.

Jones willingly went. They did a 24-hour evaluation on him.

The doctors determined Jones didn’t need in-patient treatment. He then went to an out-patient house. The doctor then concluded he didn’t need to live in the out-patient house because he believed Jones merely made a mistake. However, they are coming by Jones’ house a couple times a week to randomly drug test him.

Jones doesn’t know how long they will continue to test him weekly. He still has 1-3 counseling session each week.

Jones admits he’s still trying to figure out who he is.

“I’m not gonna sit here and say I won’t have another drink or enjoy life.”

“The best way to come back from this is to continue to be a winner and not let incidents like this happen again. And continue to learn. It’s not a defeat if you learn something.”

Jones hasn’t thought about what this does to his image. He’s more concerned about what his fans think of him.

He apologizes for letting his fans down.

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