Anderson Silva Irked With Friends Lyoto Machida and ‘Jacare’ Souza

Written by Tom Ngo
January 22nd, 2015

UFC Middleweight Anderson Silva

Bros before bouts, that’s the mentality former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva (pictured) lives by. Unfortunately for Silva, Brazilian buddies Lyoto Machida and Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza haven’t endorsed that same mantra.

While Silva has always said he would never fight Machida or Souza, the other two middleweights haven’t taken the same no-way-Jose stance. Machida told Tatame.com just five days ago that while he’s not seeking a scrap against Silva, he would take it if that’s what his bosses requested because he’s a professional.

Silva was quite calm throughout most of Thursday’s UFC 183 conference call, but his voice definitely hit a higher decibel when this subject came up.

“Jacare is my friend, Lyoto is my friend,” Silva stated. “But all the time, [the] guys don’t talk the same like me. When I go to talk to people for the media, I say, ‘I no go fight Lyoto because he’s my friend. I no go fight Jacare because he’s my friend.’ But when the guys go and talk to the media, Lyoto says, ‘I go fight Anderson because I go fight.’ Jacare says, ‘I go fight because I go fight, because I’m fighter.’

“But my opinion, I don’t like the positions that Lyoto and Jacare [have taken], because I don’t go fight for these guys. Because I’m training for Lyoto [with] a long time, sometimes I train [with] Jacare.”

When asked if Machida and Souza’s comments of a potential fight irked him, Silva pulled no punches.

“Yeah, absolutely,” Silva deadpanned. “Because when I go for training with the guys, I go to help you guys. I put 50 percent, 10 percent, [of] my energy for help the guys. When the guys talk like this, I’m very, very, very disappointed.”

Silva plans on discussing this matter with his friends at some point to ensure they’re all on the same page moving forward. “The Spider” didn’t stop at just Machida and Souza, however. He doesn’t want to engage in any Brazilian on Brazilian crime.

“I think I need to talk this with the guys, because I talk all the time for the media,” Silva said. “When you guys give me this question, I talk the same. Lyoto is my friend, Jacare trained together [with] me. And I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys. I don’t like it. This is my opinion. I understand this is a sport, the guys stay in the UFC for fights, but I don’t like to fight Brazilian guys.”

Silva returns to action January 31 bout against Nick Diaz, who is a non-Brazilian reppin’ the 209.

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