Nick Diaz Not Interested in UFC Title Fights

Written by Tom Ngo
January 22nd, 2015

UFC Nick Diaz Strikeforce

UFC veteran Nick Diaz (pictured) has never been shy about expressing the two loves of his life – smoking weed and making money. The prior has inhibited his ability to do the latter on two previous occasions.

For most mixed martial artists, the best way to make the most money is to fight for the title. If you’re in the UFC, that means you can get a piece of the pay-per-view pie for the shows you defend your belt in.

For an established name like Diaz, he likely already has that engraved in his contract whether there’s hardware on the line or not. That might be why the controversial 31-year-old is no longer concerned with competing for the strap.

“At this point in time, [the UFC is] gonna use me to fight the most important guy because these guys they got out there right now, they’re not really shining too hard,” Diaz stated during Thursday’s UFC 183 conference call. “So they’ll use me anytime they need a guy for a big fight. They need a real fighter that fights, then all they’re gonna do is they’ll make a deal with me.

“The thing is, you have a lot of new fighters out there. It’s just, I’ve been around for a while. I’ve already built a fan base, I’ve already built notoriety so they’re gonna want to use me, I think, for a big show or even a medium show, they’re gonna want to use me. So if they make a deal for me to fight, I’ll fight. It’s not about fighting for the title. If I have the title, it’s because I decided to take the fight. It’s not about winning the belt at this point.”

Diaz is coming out of retirement for the second straight time following a loss for the UFC welterweight crown. While his loss to Carlos Condit for the interim title ended in a controversial defeat, whereas his defeat to Georges St-Pierre for the 170-pound belt ended in a lopsided loss, a rematch against GSP intrigues Diaz more because that scrap would draw more eyeballs.

“For me, I’ve already fought some of the best people there are,” Diaz said. “I already did what I need to do for me, so now it’s just more about making the right fight, the right deal. For me, the guys that I’ve beat are already the best there are. For Georges St-Pierre, if we can have another fight, then maybe I would take the fight.”

St-Pierre is currently retired and a return is not on the horizon. In the meantime, Diaz is getting ready to welcome former middleweight king Anderson Silva back to action following a fractured shin.

Despite the fact Diaz and Silva have each been out of action for at least 13 months and coming off back-to-back losses, UFC 183 is expected to garner solid pay-per-view buys.

So, it’s a win for Diaz even if he doesn’t win on January 31, which is a win in his (check)book.

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