Kimbo’s Legend is Growing

Written by Tom Ngo
October 1st, 2008

Kimbo Slice

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson emerged onto the MMA scene as a sideshow freak back in 2007. He gained much of his fame from his days as a ferocious street fighter in Florida’s slums. When the YouTube legend decided to take his “skills” to professional MMA fighting, there were no shortage of critics challenging the legitimacy of this street legend. Kimbo currently holds a perfect 3-0 record, however is coming off his least impressive performance in his last outing, leaving many to believe that this “legend” is in the perfect position to be exposed.

“I think I’ve found my personal legend,” Kimbo told MMAWeekly.com. “This is something I thought about from childhood. To become an adult, whether it was starting off fighting as a young adult to make some change, or to fight as a kid, my personal legend is something I always felt in my heart.”

Now he is on a mission to silence his skeptics and make MMA fans feel his legend in their hearts. The next step in his maturation process comes this weekend in the form of UFC Hall of Famer, Ken Shamrock. The 44-year old Shamrock has not won a professional fight in over four years posting a 0-5 record during that span.

Once again, Kimbo will be headlining EliteXC’s primetime event on CBS, and once again he will be facing a far inferior opponent. Although Kimbo won, he lost quite a bit of his invincible mystique against James Thompson back in May. Thompson was able to expose many of Kimbo’s MMA shortcomings, prompting many heavyweights to push for a fight against the company’s poster boy, hoping to be the first to defeat the “legend.”

Kimbo is well aware that people are questioning his skills now more than ever, and is fully prepared to show his mettle.

“Anyone that’s fighting me, they’re going to train their ass off, because they’re fighting me,” states Kimbo. “They wanna be the one to say that they beat Kimbo…I’ve learned that I have the wind, and the ability to go five five-minute rounds, ten five-minute rounds. Our training camp this period has stepped up a notch. I’m prepared.”

As fight day inches closer and closer, Kimbo becomes more focused on the task at hand. In fact, his thinking is as one-dimensional as you can get.

“I daydream about the fights, man,” stated the hungry Kimbo. “This (expletive) is in my head. I see it over and over and over again. I don’t think about sex. I don’t think about smokin’. I don’t think about drinking. I think about the guy I’m fighting. I think about my opponent. That’s all I think about.”

If Kimbo ends up having his hand raised on Saturday night, he will have defeated a legend, which he is hoping will help his grow even more.

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