Georges St-Pierre Discusses Anderson Silva’s Failed Drug Test

Written by Tom Ngo
February 8th, 2015

UFC Georges St Pierre

When Georges St-Pierre (pictured) voluntarily relinquished his UFC welterweight title 14 months ago, one of the reasons he cited for leaving MMA at the peak of his illustrious career was because he felt the UFC was lax in their drug testing policies.

Just like most of the MMA world, St-Pierre was shocked when he heard Anderson Silva had flunked his pre-fight drug test for two different performance-enhancing drugs. If Silva, who is regarded by many pundits as the greatest to ever play the game, is now testing positive, then there’s no way PED abuse is getting better in the sport.

However, the fact that Silva was busted in an out-of-competition exam does show MMA regulators are moving in the right direction – albeit slowly.

With someone as revered as Silva now failing drug screenings, St-Pierre says it’s the perfect time for the to UFC take significant steps towards cleaning up the sport.

“Like everyone else, I was surprised when I heard the news,” St-Pierre told Le Press de Montreal (via Yahoo) of Silva registering positive for Drostanolone and Androsterone. “I don’t wish them any ill will; it’s terrible what happened to Anderson Silva – to his career, and also to him physically.

“It’s not my intention to bash anyone, either. I’m not a rat and I’ll never go public and name names to reporters. My only hope is that we deal with this [PED] problem. I hope if one thing comes out of this, it’s that testing will be done more stringently.”

As MMA’s premier organization, most hope the UFC would be more aggressive and proactive in cleaning up their product. However, after initially announcing they would start to randomly drug test their fighters throughout the year, they decided not to.

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was caught with cocaine in a surprise out-of-competition drug test last month. With Jones and Silva representing two of the company’s biggest stars, it would seem logical that now is the perfect time to enforce stricter drug testing policies.

St-Pierre isn’t convinced change is coming.

“I really don’t know [if this will prompt the UFC to increase out-of-competition drug testing],” St-Pierre said. “Maybe nothing will change. It depends on a lot of people.”

Actually, it only depends on a few UFC owners. And it doesn’t appear they’re eager to do anything for fear of what they might uncover.

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