Chandler Jones Challenges Brother Jon Jones to a Real Fight

Written by Tom Ngo
February 11th, 2015

UFC Jon Jones

As if reigning UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones (pictured) doesn’t have enough to worry about these days after tarnishing his image with a positive cocaine test, to go along with the DWI he had two years ago, along with an impending shootout with Anthony Johnson, but it appears his younger brother also wants a piece of “Bones.”

Chandler Jones, starting defensive end for the Super Bowl champion New England Patriots, claims he not only wants to fight arguably the baddest mixed martial artist alive, but he would also beat him.

However, this isn’t a heated sibling rivalry like what’s been going on between Ken and Frank Shamrock. This would merely be for charity.

“Me and my brother used to fight all the time when we were young and I’m pretty sure I can take him down now. I am way bigger than he is,” Chandler told TMZ. “It will be fun if we actually did a one-round match for charity, that would be fun.

“If I win, he would have to donate to the charity of my choice and vice versa.”

When asked by a fan on Twitter if he could actually beat Jon, who is three years his elder, Chandler emphatically responded, “Yeah!!”

That’s two exclamation points, for those keeping tabs at home.

Jon promptly put his younger bro in check, “Now now no lying chandler.”

Jon and Chandler’s older brother, Arthur, who plays for the Indianapolis Colts, has trained MMA with Jon during the off-season in the past. No word if Chandler has dabbled in the cage.

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