Brendan Schaub Makes Argument For Taking Steroids in UFC

Written by Tom Ngo
February 13th, 2015

UFC Brendan Schaub

If everyone else jumped off a bridge, would you do it too?

If by “bridge” you mean steroids and by “jumped” you mean injected, then YES – this, according to UFC heavyweight Brendan Schaub (pictured).

Once again, the UFC is facing a performance-enhancing drug epidemic. Actually, “once again” might not be the proper use of words, because it has always had a PED problem.

Guys are merely getting busted more often of late because athletic commissions are starting to randomly test fighters out-of-competition.

If former UFC middleweight king Anderson Silva, revered by most as the greatest to ever play the game, is now doing it, then the PED issue certainly isn’t getting any better.

Longtime UFC color commentator Joe Rogan recently said on his “Joe Rogan Experience” podcast that 50-60 percent of MMA fighters were on steroids.

Schaub believes the number should shoot up (pun intended) to 100 percent because the benefits far outweigh the costs.

“This is how I feel about the UFC, I think nice guys finish last,” Schaub said on his ‘Fighter & The Kid’ Podcast. “Listen, I would love to hear an argument why I shouldn’t do steroids. Give me one.

“Let’s say … I’m a young kid [who is getting into the UFC] and I ask my dad, ‘Dad, why shouldn’t I take steroids?’ Can I say, ‘Well, you’ll never be world champ.’ That’s not true. Anderson Silva’s world champ. ‘Well, you’ll never fight for a title.’ That’s not true. Chael Sonnen tested positive, fought for a title. ‘Well, you’ll never be ‘The Ultimate Fighter’ coach.’ Nope, Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva – both. ‘Well, you’ll never be a main event.’ No, not true. Alistair Overeem’s a main event. Bigfoot Silva’s a main event. ‘Well, listen, you might get fired.’ No, not really. Guys get popped all the time. If it’s cheating, ‘Everyone else is doing it and they’re getting rewarded for it.'”

Schaub, who has competed 11 times for the UFC since 2009, claims to be a “natural fighter” and has never flunked a drug test. However, he can easily compile a lengthy list of past opponents who he knew were juiced.

And why not? There certainly aren’t any serious repercussions for cheats, even if you’re a habitual abuser.

“You know what’s infuriating to me?” a frustrated Schaub asked. “It’s not that I’m not champ. It’s not that I’ve lost some fights or won some big fights. It’s more that there’s no reason everyone shouldn’t take steroids. There’s just not. In the UFC there’s no reason. Someone give me a legit reason why you would tell a young fighter not to take them. I would love to hear a good argument. ‘Well, you’ll get fined $3000, man and you’ll have to sit out six months, maybe nine.’ Well, I fight every six months anyway.”

UFC owners Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta are hosting a special press conference this Wednesday to discuss the PED problem in their company. Let’s hope they bring some serious heat and don’t offer up another generic dog and pony show.

As the planet’s premier MMA promotion, it is past time they step up and trailblaze for a pure sport. If someone who worked for me for decades claims 50-60 percent of my product is dirty, best believe I would do something about cleaning it up.

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