Conor McGregor Offers UFC Featherweights Ultimatum

Written by Tom Ngo
March 24th, 2015

UFC Conor McGregor

Some fans and media members alike can’t get enough of Conor McGregor and his unfiltered ways. His fellow UFC featherweights, particularly reigning 145 pound king Jose Aldo, however, seem to have had about enough of the chatty Irishman.

Well, if the featherweights want to rid themselves of McGregor once and for all, the process is quite simple. First, Aldo needs to lose the title to McGregor at UFC 189. Then…

“I expect everyone in the top 10 of the featherweight division to line up and beg for forgiveness and beg to be pardoned. If they do that, I will hand the featherweight belt back and I’ll go up to 155 [pounds],” McGregor stated during Monday’s UFC 189 World Media Tour in Las Vegas.

That shouldn’t be too tough of a pill to swallow, right? Ten seconds of groveling and McGregor will be the lightweight division’s problem forever. Sound fair?

McGregor doesn’t realistically expect any featherweights to bow down and kiss his rings, but he does seem interested in jumping to the heavier weight class. The weight cut wouldn’t be nearly as grueling and if he beats Aldo, the only 145 pound champion the UFC has ever known, there might be little left to prove at featherweight.

“It’s a little bit of both,” McGregor responded when asked why he’d leave the featherweight division behind just six UFC fights in after facing Aldo. “Obviously, the weight is not easy but I make it professionally and I re-hydrate professionally and I go in there 100 percent every time. But still, training for a featherweight camp and training for a lightweight camp, it’s a completely different approach. I enjoy featherweight, they’re slower at featherweight and I’m not small at featherweight.

“There’s obviously some questions the fans want to ask. The wrestling question, the Frankie Edgar, the [Chad] Mendes, the [Ricardo] Lamas – I shouldn’t have even brought that idiot in there – unless they come up and kiss my feet and apologize, then we’re gonna go out there and answer the rest of the questions for the fans.”

McGregor clearly recognizes that he’s a long way away from cleaning out the featherweight division, so talking lightweight is a tad premature at this point. First thing’s first, though. There’s that whole beating Jose Aldo thing that he must accomplish.

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