Kimbo Slice really lost? To Seth Petruzelli?

Written by 5thRound.com Staff
October 5th, 2008

October 4th may go down as the night that EliteXC either restructured their current operating model or as the day that the company was looking for a way out. Their “superstar” got caught and finished by a former “Ultimate Fighter” that never even made it in the UFC.

Yes Dana White has plenty of ammunition to fire at EliteXC for what happened on Saturday night, Jared Shaw must be biting his fingers off at what he’s going to be hearing for the next couple of weeks.

Let’s face it, the show was destined to be a disaster for EliteXC when the original announcement of Ken Shamrock being pulled off of the card for getting a cut over his left eyebrow after “warming up” too hard. They scrambled to find a replacement to hand feed Slice.

Unfortunately for Shaw and Slice, Petruzelli was ready to compete as he caught Slice with a straight right that exposed Slice’s chin and followed up with some ground and pound that caused the fight to stop.

You could see Shaw in the background on the replay saying something to the effect of, “he’s hitting the back of the head!” The referee in charge didn’t see it the way that Shaw did and stepped in to stop Slice from being punched anymore.

All we know is that what happened on October 4th is what should’ve happened when Slice faced Josh Thompson. I bet Brett Rogers is having his own afterparty.

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