Dana White: Any UFC Fighter Would Beat Floyd Mayweather (Video)

Written by Tom Ngo
April 17th, 2015

UFC Dana White

Okay, now this is getting a little out of hand. Days after UFC featherweight top contender Conor McGregor claimed he would “kill” boxing great Floyd Mayweather in under 30 seconds, UFC president Dana White (pictured) backed his BFF by professing not only would McGregor dominate boxing’s highest paid performer, but anyone on the UFC roster would school “Money” – including cute, little, 115-pound Paige VanZant.

“Do you not believe [he would beat Mayweather]?” White asked TMZ Sports. “Of course. Any of these guys (as White motioned to the UFC on FOX 15 fighters set to take the stage for a press conference). He’d beat Mayweahter. He’d beat Mayweather. All these guys would beat Mayweather. But yeah, Conor would, too.”

The Mayweather vs. MMA fighter debate has been going on for a while, but really seemed to catch fire when UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey said she could take Mayweather in a scrap.

Oh, speaking of chicks that can beat Mayweather…

“Not [just] Conor, [Paige VanZant would] beat Mayweather,” White claimed. “See her, she’d beat Mayweather. These guys would all beat Mayweather.

“Boxing, you’ve got boxing as one thing. These guys do everything. Every one of these guys will kick Mayweather’s ass.”

White is correct, it is far more difficult to beat a well-rounded fighter than it is a one-dimensional one. We already saw how badly Randy Couture embarrassed James Toney at UFC 118.

But can we stop with this man vs. woman thing?

Nonetheless, Mayweather holds the ultimate trump card over any MMA fighter. Try beating his bank account!

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