Cris ‘Cyborg’ STILL Trying To Fight Ronda Rousey At 140 Pounds In UFC

Written by Tom Ngo
May 2nd, 2015

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Apparently, someone needs to tell Invicta FC featherweight champion Cris “Cyborg” Justino in Portuguese that a 140-pound catchweight contest with UFC bantamweight queen Ronda Rousey will NEVER happen in the UFC, because despite hearing it for the trillionth time in English, she’s still petitioning for the two to meet in the middle.

UFC president Dana White, UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta, Rousey, Rousey’s momma, etc. have all said countless times they would be more than happy to grant Justino a crack at Rousey’s 135-pound crown if Justino can make the weight. A superfight at any other weight will not happen because it doesn’t make sense.

Their offer has fallen on deaf ears. Justino was on “UFC Tonight,” the UFC’s official news show, Friday and continued her I’m-not-listening-to-what-you’re-saying ways.

“I have a professional nutritional guy and he helped me much easier to make 145. I can 100 percent make it,” Justino said. “I’m ready for this fight. When she was in Strikeforce, I wanted to make the fight. I try 100 percent to make 135. It’s annoying. I want to fight her.

“All fighters want to be a champ in the UFC. I think for now it’d be great to see me and Ronda fight. I don’t want her belt. I just want to fight her. Let’s go fight. Let’s go meet at 140. Let’s do it.”

Justino has never competed professionally at 135 pounds, and even missed weight once by an astonishing six pounds for her 145 pound scrap against Hitomi Akano in 2009.

Justino previously claimed her doctor said she “could die” trying to shed the 10 pounds required to make bantamweight, but recently changed course saying she will give it a try in Invicta before transitioning to the UFC.

Rousey has basically lapped the UFC bantamweight field, increasing her stranglehold on the division each time she leaves the cage.

Many believe Justino is the only woman alive who could beat Rousey in a fight, and that’s why pundits have accused the UFC of protecting their golden girl from potentially getting rag dolled by the buff Brazilian.

But it’s the UFC’s court, and if Justino wants to play ball she must concede to their demands. The UFC is willing to risk tarnishing Rousey’s immaculate résumé to arrange the most anticipated female fight in MMA history, but it has to be on their terms.

Stop talking and start cutting, Justino. It’s your only move at this point.

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