UFC Fighters Finally Receive Financial Terms For Reebok Sponsorship

Written by Tom Ngo
May 6th, 2015


The biggest question in MMA was finally answered Wednesday. How will fighters be compensated with the UFC’s new Reebok sponsorship deal?

Now we know, thanks to four-time UFC veteran Cody Gibson.

Gibson tweeted a pic of the UFC’s agreement with Reebok Wednesday:


Reebok’s slogan for the UFC is, “What do you fight for?” Some might argue peanuts…

UFC athletes were initially going to be paid according to their ranking. Champions would pocket the largest checks, and everyone else was tiered based on current ranking (1-5, 6-10, 11-15 and 16+ receive a flat salary).

However, the UFC tweaked the structure last month to base pay off tenure. Reebok and the UFC will still work off a tiered system, but it will now go off 1-5 UFC fights, 6-10 UFC fights, 11-15 UFC fights, 16-20 UFC fights and more than 21 UFC fights.

According to Gibson’s post, he’ll receive $2,500 for his next bout because he falls within the 1-5 fight tier. Veterans with 6-10 bouts will receive $5,000, 11-15 will score $10,000, 16-20 pocket $15,000, 21+ earn $20,000, title challengers make $30,000 and champions tally $40,000.

Originally, fighters were to receive a 20 percent cut on the back end for anything Reebok sells that contains their likeness. No word if that piece of the financial pie is still in place.

Reebok becomes the UFC’s official apparel company July 6. When UFC CEO Lorenzo Fertitta initially announced the six-year, reported $70 million deal in December, Fertitta said the “vast majority of the revenue” from Reebok would go directly to the fighters.

Several UFC superstars, including bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey, Anthony Pettis, Conor McGregor, Paige VanZant and Johny Hendricks signed early and have been sporting Reebok gear for months.

Now-former light heavyweight champion Jon Jones was recently released from Reebok after his latest brush up with the law.

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