Roy Nelson and Josh Barnett Trade PED Barbs Before Fight

Written by Tom Ngo
May 14th, 2015

UFC Roy Nelson

Well, that didn’t take long. Just hours after the UFC announced Roy Nelson (pictured) and Josh Barnett would headline their September 27 event in Japan, the heavyweights exchanged pleasantries on Twitter for the world to enjoy.

“I HOPE @UFC DRUG TESTING IS IN EFFECT by then ;),” Nelson tweeted.

Never one to back down from a good battle, Barnett was quick to return fire.

“I’m hoping they allow you to do steroids just make this a competitive fight. Gravy injections haven’t worked for you,” Barnett countered.

Of course, Barnett is one of the biggest cheaters in MMA history. In the veteran’s first UFC stint, he flunked two straight drug tests for banned substances. On the second occasion, Barnett was stripped of the heavyweight title after beating Randy Couture at UFC 36.

Barnett then single-handedly brought down Affliction Entertainment after flunking his pre-fight drug test for anabolic steroids. Barnett’s much-anticipated showdown with Fedor Emelianenko was canceled nine days before showtime and Affliction subsequently closed its doors for good.

Nelson has never tested positive for gravy.

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