Anderson Silva Offers Jon Jones Advice

Written by Tom Ngo
May 19th, 2015

UFC Anderson Silva

In most walks of life, someone who is serving a suspension for performance-enhancing drugs shouldn’t offer advice to anyone. However, former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is in a downward spiral and Anderson Silva (pictured) wanted to offer up some guidance.

TMZ Sports recently caught Silva leaving a Los Angeles restaurant and asked him if he thought the UFC should allow Jones back into the cage following last month’s felony hit-and-run arrest where a pregnant motorist suffered a broken arm.

“I don’t think so,” Silva responded. “Jones is a good boy, he’s a good man. He needs to focus.

“I love Jones. He needs to change everything in life. It’s very important.”

It’s possible the language barrier played a factor in Silva’s understanding of the question, and perhaps he thought he was asked if Jones should return to fighting right now, not if Jones should ever be allowed back.

Either way, that’s what the most decorated champion in UFC history had to say about Jones, one of he few men Jones has admitted to admiring.

Jones has been arrested twice (2012 DWI and 2015 felony hit-and-run), tested positive for cocaine and left marijuana behind his abandoned vehicle in April’s hit-and-run since capturing the UFC belt in March 2011.

The UFC has temporarily suspended Jones and stripped him of his belt following his latest setback.

Silva, meanwhile, is getting his story straight before standing in front of the Nevada Athletic Commission to explain why he failed a pre- and post-fight drug test for anabolic steroids in his UFC 183 win over Nick Diaz.

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