Chris Weidman Irate Vitor Belfort ‘Still Cheating’ Prior To UFC 187

Written by Tom Ngo
May 22nd, 2015

UFC Chris Weidman Vitor Belfort

UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman is not a happy camper. And it’s understandable, considering UFC 187 opponent Vitor Belfort, who is eight years his elder and supposedly suffered from such low levels of testosterone that a doctor needed to prescribe testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), yet registered nearly as much as four times as much testosterone than Weidman in their random, pre-fight drug tests ahead of Saturday’s showdown.

After a heated exchange during Friday’s weigh-ins, where the rivals needed to be separated by UFC president Dana White, the normally even-keeled Weidman explained what caused him to get in Belfort’s grill.

“He’s still cheating, and I’m going to make him pay,” Weidman informed the audience.

Weidman elaborated on his accusation shortly after on Fox Sports 1.

“This is a guy who needed testosterone replacement therapy for the majority of his career,” Weidman stated. “He said he couldn’t live his life without it. And now he’s at 1,200? During camp, my scores were in the 300s, and I am 10 years younger than him. But a 1,200 testosterone score for a guy that needed it medicinally? The guy is cheating.”

Here’s what Weidman is talking about:

According to ESPN.com, on March 16, Belfort’s random urine drug test produced a testosterone level of 1,200 ng/dL. On April 28, he dropped it to 500 ng/dL.

Most accredited labs consider a range of 348 to 1,197 ng/dL as normal. Therefore, NAC didn’t red flag Belfort’s scores.

Weidman’s levels on March 30 and April 27 were consistent at 370 ng/dL on each occasion.

So, Weidman, being an intelligently curious individual, wondered aloud how it was possible for a “clean” athlete, who is nearly a decade older than him that needed a doctor to prescribe TRT to cure his low testosterone levels, has far more testosterone in his system.

1 + 1 = CHEATER, according to Weidman.

Weidman and Belfort were initially slated to collide at UFC 173, but Belfort flunked a random, pre-fight drug test for, wait for it – elevated levels of testosterone. The NAC and UFC subsequently banned TRT and Belfort said he would have to adjust to life without the controversial treatment.

Fast forward 15 months and Weidman thinks “living without TRT” is merely code for using it in a far more discrete manor.

Well, Weidman has promised to make the 38-year-old Belfort pay for his preparation, so this could be a moot point come tomorrow.

But, what if Belfort wins?

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