Bethe Correia Gets Personal, Ronda Rousey To Make Her Pay At UFC 190

Written by Tom Ngo
May 28th, 2015

UFC Ronda Rousey

Don’t mess with the bull, Bethe Correia, you’ll get the horns. Opps, too late. Correia, in an attempt to do God knows what, made an uncalled for remark that hit too close to home for reigning UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey (pictured).

Promising to knock Rousey out and humiliate her at UFC 190 is one thing, but to make a comment about suicide to a person who lost her father because of it is another.

“I want to knock her out, show to everyone that she is a lie,” Correia told Brazilian website Combate, translated by MMAMania.com. “She wants to stand up with me, let’s see. I want to humiliate her and show the word she has no MMA. She is focused on movies, books. I am much stronger, I come from a developing country, where people are struggling to survive, not to starve. It is very different from her life of reality.

“Under pressure, she is proving weak. When her mom put pressure on her, she ran away from home. When she lost, it was because of drugs. That’s not a superhero. She is not mentally healthy, she needs to take care of herself. She is winning, so everybody is around her cheering her up, but when she realizes she is not everything that she believes she is, I don’t know what might happen. I hope she does not kill herself later on.”

Oh, boy. There are ways to sell a fight and there are ways to dig your own grave. It appears Correia may have done the latter.

“@bethecorreia suicide is no joke or selling point. My father will be with me the day I hand you the comeuppance you deserve,” Rousey responded Thursday morning via Twitter.

It is not known if Correia’s aware Rousey’s father committed suicide when she was just eight because he was suffering from severe back pain after a sledding accident. Rousey rarely discusses her father in interviews because his loss still hurts to this day.

Rousey defends her throne against Correia August 1 at UFC 190. Rousey owns a perfect 11-0 record, finishing off all but one of her victims within the opening round. Best of luck, Bethe.

(Updated 5/28/15 10:45AM PT)

Correia just issued an apology via Twitter:

@RondaRousey Never knew what happened to ur dad.I’m humble enough to ask u for forgiveness. Family is a godly bless to me. See u in #UFC190

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