Thiago Alves And Carlos Condit Not Drug Tested Ahead Of UFC Fight In Brazil

Written by Tom Ngo
May 28th, 2015

UFC Welterweight Thiago Alves

According to Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA), the Brazilian committee sanctioning UFC Fight Night 67 event inside Goiania Arena in Goiania, neither Thiago Alves (pictured) nor Carlos Condit were required to submit random, pre-fight drug tests prior to headlining Saturday’s show.

“We have not drug tested Carlos and Thiago yet; no ‘camp’ tests have been done for this event,” CABMMA expressed in a statement obtained by MMAJunkie.com. “All fighters will be tested upon arrival at arena on fight night through urine – anabolic steroids, stimulants, diuretics/other masking agents and drugs of abuse.”

Oh, so just the standard fight night pee test that former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre said you’d have to be “very disorganized” in order to flunk? Got it…

This isn’t a massive pay-per-view event featuring big names, so that might be the reason the UFC didn’t shell out the dough for extensive testing. The problem is, it’s not just big name stars who try to cheat. Lesser known fighters are just as tempted to cut corners in order to reach superstar status.

The UFC announced earlier this year that it will expand their current drug testing policies starting July 1 to randomly screen their entire roster for performance-enhancing drugs throughout the year. Apparently, there’s still plenty of time to cheat, if one chooses.

Something else that’s troubling is the explanation CABMMA offered MMAFighting.com’s Guilherme Cruz for not conducting random, pre-fight exams on Alves and Condit.

“CABMMA told me in April “it wouldn’t be necessary to test them before the event” based on their history,” Cruz tweeted.

Well, apparently CABMMA haven’t done their homework.

Alves tested positive for Spironolactone, a banned diuretic, following his UFC 66 victory over Tony DeSouza in December 2006. “Pitbull” was suspended eight months and fined $5,500 by the NAC.

CABMMA has taken a lot of heat for their Mickey Mouse ways since becoming MMA’s official governing body in Brazil. This debacle certainly doesn’t help their flawed reputation.

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