Bas Not Worried About Kimbo’s Loss

Written by Tom Ngo
October 7th, 2008

Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson’s trainer Bas Rutten is not in the least bit worried about his fighter losing in the biggest upset in EliteXC history this past Saturday at “EliteXC: Heat.” Much like everyone else that saw the fight, the MMA legend was surprised that the last-minute replacement, Seth Petruzelli, was able to pull off a win of that magnitude, however insists that Kimbo backers should hold off on pushing the proverbial panic button.

“I think everyone in that place was surprised with that,” Rutten told 5ouncesofpain.com. “We’ve seen him in street brawls get hit much harder and still stay up. This was literally what they call a fluke shot. Was it a lucky shot? People might say it’s a lucky shot but it’s not. He aimed for it and I’ve always said that if you aim for it and you hit it then it’s not a lucky shot. It was a weird position to punch from but for some reason it took the wind out of him. It was very weird.”

Whether it was a fluke shot, or a lucky one, Rutten is correct in his assessment that it was weird. The punch, the night, the result. It was all very weird. The right hook that Petruzelli landed didn’t have any power behind it, and was thrown more like a jab than anything else.

Perhaps what caught the YouTube legend off guard was the fact that Petruzelli threw a kick just before he followed up it with the infamous right. Since Kimbo is accustomed to fighting in the street, where kicks are not allowed, it caught him off guard and he was not prepared for the right that immediately followed.

“Some people cannot win regardless of the outcome,” Rutten began. “It’s a no-win situation. Everyone is bagging on him. If people are smart, they will look at the fight. It lasted 14 seconds. It was a flash knockout. It was a weird punch but because he was running in and there was some power on it, it knocked him down. Look, if this guy had come in and it was a 1-2 to the body followed up by some punches to the head and another one to the body and you saw Kimbo standing there messed up and then get hit with a clean 1-2 and then go down, then I say that’s going to hurt him. This isn’t going to hurt him. It was more of a push instead of a punch. It’s not a big deal.”

Rutten has been around long enough to know that even the greatest MMA fighters lose, and sometimes lose to much lesser fighters. However he states that one thing is for certain, Kimbo came into the fight fully prepared to put on a show.

“He trained hard,” answered Rutten. “I was gone for a little bit and some things popped up. We trained 80 percent for the ground so that we could defend those leg locks and other submissions. That was the gameplan and we decided to devote the other 20 to striking. Now people will look back and go ‘Oh, was that the reason that he lost against Seth Petruzelli?’ and it’s not. Kimbo’s striking is good enough. In fact, I think his striking is very decent. So that was not the problem at all but it was a total gameplan change in his mind. But even that doesn’t stop you from getting hit by such a weird punch.”

Weird indeed.

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