Check Out The UFC’s New Reebok Uniforms

Written by Tom Ngo
June 30th, 2015


So, what does a reported $70 million get ya? Take a look above. Like them or not, they’re here.

The UFC’s new Reebok uniforms have hit the runway and are ready to be worn by all UFC fighters, some begrudgingly, inside the octagon and purchased by hardcore MMA fans across the globe.

The required attire during fight week is referred to as the “UFC Fight Kit.” The kits debuted Tuesday morning during a quasi-fashion show in New York featuring dozens of the UFC’s biggest superstars.

“Today is an historic moment for UFC, our athletes, Reebok and the sport of mixed martial arts,” UFC president Dana White said. “We’ve teamed up with an amazing global partner to take this sport to the next level, and we’ve done just that with the UFC Fight Kit. This gear was built and designed specifically for MMA athletes. Not only does it elevate the look of the sport – it revolutionizes the way they train, compete and perform.”

Reebok representatives stressed innovations that support strength, speed, flexibility and customization during the press event.

The UFC Fight Kit has three variations:

Champion Kit: Features black and grey colors with iconic gold trim that will be worn exclusively by current champions.

Country Kit: – Comes with country specific colors and badging.

Universal Kit: – Showcases black and silver with a global badge and is available to all athletes on the roster.

Each UFC Fight Kit includes the official UFC walkout jersey, variations of the Octagon short, the Octagon skort, the walkout hoodie, and assorted performance tops for women. All kits will have each fighter’s full name on them.

Fighters and their teams will be required to wear this gear throughout fight week.

“The UFC Fight Kit is a landmark moment for Reebok’s partnership with the UFC as well as the sport as a whole,’ said Matt O’Toole, Reebok’s President. “UFC athletes represent some of the toughest and most dedicated humans in the world and Reebok is proud to develop the first-ever dedicated kit to support and enable their greatness in the Octagon.”

UFC Fight Kits make their official debut July 11 at UFC 189.

If you’re interested, fans can purchase a “UFC Replica Jersey” of nearly every fighter for $95.

“Earned Through Greatness. Worn AS REQUIRED BY THE UFC”

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