Dana White: Steroids are Bad

Written by Tom Ngo
January 14th, 2010

From Floyd Mayweather’s insistence on Olympic-style drug testing, to Mark McGwire’s recent admission that he took steroids, banned substances remain a prominent issue in today’s sports world. UFC president Dana White wants it nowhere near MMA and backs the Commissions they work with.

“I think the athletic commission does a fantastic job in the way that they test and I think early on when this thing started growing and some guys got busted, I think it sent a message,” said White. “This is the only sport that does it – boxing and mixed martial arts. It effects your ability to make a living.

“(Expletive) baseball players get caught, they’re like, okay, I know you’re making 65 million dollars this year, we’re going to sit you out for thirty games. Alright, I’ll be down in the (expletive) Bahamas, call me when my suspension is up. When it happens to these guys, they lose the ability to make a living and the sponsors they lose. They lose credibility. It’s different in the fight game. I think the athletic commission has done a great job and sent a message.”

“They can test us however they want to test us. That’s up to the athletic commission. I don’t like steroids in fighting,” stated White. “When you go out and you hit a (expletive) ball over a wall, who gives a (expletive)? Who cares what you’re on? I don’t care what you’re doing or what you’re on. When you can get on top of a guy and elbow and punch another guy in the face you should be tested, and you shouldn’t be using performance enhancing drugs.”

“If you’re taking them you’re going to get caught,” added the UFC mastermind. “They are testing you and they’re going to get you and then you lose your ability to make a living. Plus, I think steroids affect these guys mentally, physically and emotionally. They’re never the same after they get busted for steroids. They’re never the same after they get off them.”

Although MMA doesn’t have a perfect track record when it comes to banned substances, it certainly isn’t running rampant as it has in baseball. White would pit their testing regulations up against any of the procedures used in any of the major sports, specifically football.

“Let me tell you this; if every other sport were under the same drug testing guidelines that we are there would be no (expletive) football on Sunday, and there would be no baseball,” stated the brash Prez. “If every Sunday those guys put their cleats on, ran out and played football, as soon as the game was over they were tested for steroids, there would be a lot less guys the next (expletive) Sunday. I can guarantee you that, so I think the athletic commission has done a great job in combat sports.”

Are you listening to this, Roger Goodell?

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