Eddie Alvarez Doesn’t Blame Gilbert Melendez For Taking Testosterone At UFC 188

Written by Tom Ngo
July 6th, 2015


If anyone has a legitimate right to be pissed that Gilbert Melendez tested positive for testosterone, it’s Eddie Alvarez (pictured). However, Alvarez isn’t irked Melendez tried to cheat for their UFC 188 scrap.

In fact, the lightweight understands why not only Melendez, but other MMA fighters look to cut corners.

“Just say No,” Alvarez tweeted Monday after word broke Melendez tested positive for exogenous origin of testosterone metabolites. “I never judge anyone fro doing anything. not taking PED’s has been a personal Descision for Me . Everyone does shit differently .I been blessed, I never felt the need to take anything , but we are in a tough sport highly competitive , I understand why guys do stuff.

“One a thing is for sure , You will never see a positive test on my end , i barley like protein powder !! If I showed you my supplement program You would absolutely erupt in laughter.”

It’s an interesting stance by Alvarez considering the damage a testosterone-fueled Melendez inflicted on his mug. At the end of their 15-minute affair, Alvarez’s nose was battered and both of his eyes were nearly sealed shut.

It’s probably an easier pill for Alvarez to swallow since he was the one who found himself on the right side of a tight split decision verdict.

Melendez didn’t admit to knowingly taking any illegal substances for UFC 188, but accepted responsibility for the positive test. He was banned one year retroactive to their June 13 fight date.

Alvarez, meanwhile, looks to build off his first UFC win in two outings the next time he takes the cage.

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