Dana White: Broken Rib Cost Jose Aldo Nearly $4 Million

Written by Tom Ngo
July 7th, 2015

UFC Jose Aldo

Reigning UFC featherweight champion Jose Aldo (pictured) wasn’t kidding when he claimed there wasn’t a price tag on his broken rib. According to UFC president Dana White, Aldo is missing out on nearly a $4 million payday by not defending his throne against Conor McGregor Saturday at UFC 189.

“It’s crazy because I actually saw the video,” White said Tuesday on ESPN Radio’s The Rusillo Show. “He gets hit with a spinning-heel kick, which is crazy in itself that anyone is even throwing that at him two weeks before his fight, but it is what is is. He stood to make a lot of money, a lot of money. If he could’ve fought, he would’ve fought.”

“Millions of dollars. Yeah, he probably would’ve made close to four million.”

The last time Aldo’s salary was disclosed was four outings ago when he made $240,000 (half coming via win bonus) for beating Frankie Edgar at UFC 156.

Aldo would have made at least that amount in disclosed salary at UFC 189, but the undisclosed portion was where the once-homeless Brazilian would have become a very rich man. As champion, Aldo was set to score a percentage of the show’s pay-per-view buys. White claimed last month that the event was trending towards over a million buys.

White also previously said UFC 189 would take $7 million at MGM Grand Garden’s gate. White announced today that they are currently at $7.1 million.

While Aldo doesn’t get a piece of the gate, it does give a good indication that the PPV should be in high demand. UFC 189 would have been the largest take of Aldo’s illustrious career, by far.

McGregor now battles Chad Mendes for the vacant interim featherweight title at UFC 189. Aldo has to be hoping McGregor takes the manufactured belt because that’s only way he can recoup Saturday’s missed payday.

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