Conor McGregor Splurges, But Stays Hungry Ahead Of UFC 189

Written by Tom Ngo
July 10th, 2015

UFC Conor McGregor

If you follow UFC featherweight Conor McGregor (pictured) on Twitter or Instagram, you’d think he had access to Floyd Mayeather’s bank account based on all the lavish luxuries he treats himself to.

In fact, it’s hard to believe just five fights ago, before getting called up to the UFC in April 2013, McGregor was collecting welfare checks in his homeland of Ireland.

From the “Mac Mansion,” to the countless custom suits, to the shopping sprees at Louis Vuitton, which he ensures everyone knows about, McGregor is a true rags to riches story. At least, that’s how he’s portraying it to MMA fans because he hasn’t collected a disclosed salary of over $170,000 from the UFC.

McGregor has yet to sit on a UFC throne, but undoubtedly lives like a king. That could all change as soon as Saturday when he battles Chad Mendes for the vacant interim featherweight title at UFC 189.

McGregor’s talk outside the cage and walk inside of it goes hand in hand with his success. He captivates fans equally when he does both. McGregor has discovered the recipe for superstardom and he’s been mass producing like a factory ever since.

That tends to happen when you had nothing then get a taste of the good life.

Although, now that he’s days away from collecting the biggest payday of his professional career, many wonder if this McGregor has the same hunger as the McGregor who was dependent on Ireland’s government to support himself just a couple of years ago.

“Of course I can stay as hungry [as before],” McGregor emphatically stated on Off the Record. “I am surrounded by luxuries, but it has been built, and continues to be built by sacrifice every single day.

“I wake up and I work hard inside the Octagon, outside the Octagon, in the business side, in the gym. Every aspect of my life, I put everything into. I surround myself with luxury now, but make no mistake — it is built and continues to be built through sacrifice.”

That sacrifice could pay its biggest dividends Saturday in a shiny gold belt. It would mark the first meaningful piece of jewelry in McGregor’s closet.

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