Dana White Throws Jose Aldo Under Bus For Broken Rib In ‘Old X-Ray’

Written by Tom Ngo
July 11th, 2015


To be broken, or not to be broken. That is the question.

With showtime steadily approaching, it’s hard not to think about how much nastier UFC 189 would be if reigning UFC featherweight king Jose Aldo didn’t pull out of tonight’s scrap against Conor McGregor with a broken rib.

Hold up! It’s not broken, according to UFC president Dana White.

Aldo released an x-ray (above pic) earlier this month which clearly shows that his rib is fractured. However, White claims that specific broken rib is a previous injury that Aldo has already worked through because it had “calcified.”

“So what happened was, when the pictures went out on the internet and you saw this rib down here, that was an old injury that was calcified and done,” White said at Friday’s UFC 189 fan Q&A. “The real injury was the bruised rib and cartilage. He had a bruised rib and cartilage.”

Aldo is the only featherweight champion the UFC has ever known and is one of the greatest mixed martial artists to ever play the game, and White just threw him under the bus by trying to kill his character. But it didn’t stop there, White proceeded to back the bus up and run Aldo over again.

“The big problem for Aldo in taking the fight wasn’t the fight, it was making weight,” White added. “He had to cut something like 24 pounds. And if he couldn’t physically do it the way that he does it he was afraid he wouldn’t make the weight. That was really the issue. But he did not have a broken rib. It was bruised. And the x-rays that went out were an old injury. When you saw that down at the bottom, it was an old injury, not the new injury.”

Oh, boy…

Last week, White claimed Aldo missed out on roughly $4 million after pocketing his take on pay-per-view buys by pulling out of UFC 189. The last time Aldo’s salary was disclosed was four outings ago when he made $240,000 ($120K coming via win bonus) for beating Frankie Edgar at UFC 156.

Aldo’s salary has surely increased since then, but for simplicity, let’s assume it would have been the same for UFC 189. If Aldo would have missed weight, something he’s never done while compiling a 25-1 professional record, he would have been only docked 20 percent of his $120,000 show purse.

So, White is saying Aldo, who used to be homeless in Brazil, ran from $3,976,000 ($4 million – $24,000), by far the biggest payday of his illustrious career, because he was “afraid he wouldn’t make the weight” due to a bruised rib?

Um, yeah…

It’s clear why White is trying to spin this story after fans and media members alike blasted the UFC after Aldo’s x-ray was released for trying to claim his rib was just “bruised and had cartilage damage” after Aldo’s Brazilian doctor initially determined it was broken.

The primary question was, what kind of back-alley doctor is the UFC using that couldn’t see that Aldo’s rib was clearly fractured?

According to White, the physician “wasn’t UFC doctors, either. There were three different doctors that did it.”

That’s another dirty game that is played in many professional sports that we won’t get into at this moment.

Regardless, White did Aldo dirty by making these accusations. It’s obvious White loves him some Conor McGregor, but to promote “Notorious” by assassinating Aldo’s character is deplorable – especially since, at least to the public’s knowledge, he’s never done anything like this in the past.

Aldo has yet to address White’s accusations. Best believe he’ll be one fired Brazilian up when he does.

McGregor now fights Chad Mendes for the vacant interim featherweight title tonight at UFC 189.

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