Chael Sonnen: Jose Aldo Threatened Lawsuits Against Him And UFC Over X-Ray Controversy

Written by Tom Ngo
July 22nd, 2015


Wednesday just got a lot more wild in the MMA world. According to former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen, reigning UFC featherweight king Jose Aldo is threatening lawsuits against him and the UFC for defamation regarding the x-ray Aldo released online (pictured) earlier this month showing the broken, not bruised, rib that forced him out of his highly-publicized title defense against Conor McGregor.

One day before the curtain was drawn on UFC 189, where McGregor wound up winning the vacant interim featherweight title against Chad Menes, UFC president Dana White threw Aldo under the bus during the UFC 189 Fan Q&A session by claiming the x-ray Aldo issued was of an old rib injury that had healed a while ago, and that there was a new x-ray that Aldo didn’t publish that shows his rib is just bruised and that he could have fought McGregor.

Sonnen proceeded to relay what he heard come directly from White’s mouth, and that’s how he got linked to the potential defamation suit.

“I get a phone call. So I answer it on the car speaker, the Bluetooth. It’s going through the speaker, it’s a lawyer from Brazil threatening to sue me for defamation. Her client? Jose Aldo,” Sonnen revealed on his latest You’re Welcome podcast. “So the first thing that goes through my head, ‘When have I ever talked about Jose Aldo, a 145-pounder?’

“I said [on TSN in Canada] Aldo pulling out was very fugazy because he had two sets of x-rays. He had the x-rays that were sent from his doctors to the UFC’s doctors, which showed a bruised rib and he was cleared to fight. He had a separate set of x-rays which he personally released online, which clearly showed a broken rib. We’ll, they’re saying that’s what was inflammatory. That he did not have two sets of x-rays –  that the x-ray he put online was the same one he sent to the UFC.”

Sonnen’s story gets even crazier from there, because Sonnen says he is the second call the lawyer made regarding the proposed defamation lawsuit. Who did the attorney ring up first? Aldo’s boss.

“They said, ‘We won’t sue you if you stop talking about it.’ I said, ‘Well, hold on. I’ll go a step further then that – if I said it and it’s not true, I’ll give them an apology.’ I don’t want to go around saying the guy put out two X-rays if that’s not true, but I’m a little confused here,” Sonnen continued. “I parroted this information, that’s true. I heard it and I repeated it. So, where did this story come from? I said, ‘I heard this come out by the UFC, I heard it at a UFC press conference.’ The attorney said, ‘Yeah, well pay attention in the next few days, you won’t hear the UFC saying it anymore because before we called to threaten you with a lawsuit, we called and threatened them with a lawsuit.’

“I have to assume he’s telling the truth. I have to assume that there aren’t two sets of x-rays. Jose Aldo is threatening to sue me and claims that he threatened to sue the UFC. That’s a pretty big bluff. That’s a big enough bluff that I think he’s telling the truth.”

If Aldo’s speaking the truth, he holds all the cards here – especially if his lawyer is right that the UFC will no longer say there are two contradictory x-rays. That being the case, Aldo should also force the UFC to issue an apology from White retracting his claim that Aldo released an old x-ray of a broken rib instead of a new x-ray of a bruised one. That is a blatant assassination of character.

The truth shall set you free!

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