Controversy Continues to Surround “Elite:XC Heat”

Written by Tom Ngo
October 9th, 2008

Two days after Seth Petruzelli stated that EliteXC management offered the last-minute replacement more money if he kept his fight against company golden boy, Kimbo Slice, a stand up affair, another fighter on the “EliteXC: Heat” card has thrown in his two cents regarding some wrong doing with his fight. Former IFL heavyweight champion Roy Nelson is questioning the competency of his referee Jorge Ortiz, and states that his opponent Andrei Arlovski was notified about their fight two weeks before he was.

“The thing is I had a Kimura and I let the Kimura go to go to side control to go get the mount,” Nelson told MMAWeekly.com. “As soon as I let go of the Kimura to go into side control where I could just basically make Andrei work a little bit more, and just kind of tire him out, and make him feel the weight. As soon as I did that, first thing they did was stand me up.”

Nelson is referring to the 1stRound of his bout against Arlovski when he was able to secure a takedown and worked his way into a dominant side control position. He immediately grabbed Arlovski’s left wrist and went for a Kimura submission attempt. It seemed as though many of the fans in the audience, and possibly referee Ortiz, were not aware of the Kimura technique and were not impressed with Nelson’s “stalling” tactics. The fans started to rain down boos.

When Arlovski was able to avoid the submission attempt, Ortiz may have been influenced by the audience and made the fighters stand up, even though Nelson was still in a dominant side control position. As everyone saw, a stand up fight played right into the hands of the faster, and longer Arlovski, as he was able to knock Nelson out in the 2ndRound.

“I felt like I was fighting two people,” Nelson said about Arlovski and Ortiz. “I would fight for Elite, it all depends where we’re fighting at and who’s the ref. If we were fighting in Vegas, and I know the refs and they actually know what a Kimura is, that kind of makes for a big difference. Cause the reason they’re telling me to work for a better position and you’ve got someone in a submission, usually they have to get out.”

Nelson’s second gripe is an odd one. Just one week prior to the event, EliteXC made a surprise announcement that Affliction Entertainment was willing to loan out both of the fighters to face each other on EliteXC’s third CBS event. When the announcement was made, it fairly gave both fighters the same short notice period of one week, or so Nelson thought.

“We were having dinner afterwards and Andrei’s guys were coming over and they were just talking about how they had been studying me and watching film and stuff and they’ve been doing it for over three weeks, and I was like ‘huh?’,” Nelson questioned. “And I didn’t say anything to them, but it makes you kind of wonder, three weeks? I thought you were on the same (one) week plan that I was? When you see all the politics all unfold and that made it very interesting.”

By no means is Nelson stating that these are the reasons that he lost. Arlovski is a former UFC champion and is currently ranked top 10 in the world, but they certainly didn’t help his cause. Regardless, Nelson was still gracious in defeat, and would like a rematch somewhere down the line.

“Andrei did a great job. I got caught and that’s why when I lost to him I went up to Andrei and said, ‘Hey, can we do this again,’” said Nelson. “He was gracious. I underestimated him a little bit from the stand-up point.”

(Photo Courtesy of Tom Casino/EliteXC/CBS)

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