Michael Bisping Misses Mark With Frankie Perez Retirement Criticism

Written by Tom Ngo
August 24th, 2015


In “The Gambler,” Kenny Rogers famously sang, “You’ve got to know when to hold ’em – Know when to fold ’em – Know when to walk away – Know when to run.”

Now-retired UFC lightweight Frankie Perez (pictured) knows when to walk away, as the 26-year-old abruptly hung up his MMA gloves after TKO’ing Sam Stout Sunday at UFC Fight Night 74. However, if you were to ask Michael Bisping, who was serving as a Fox Sports 1 analyst for the event, Perez is running because he doesn’t have the “cajones” to stick around and risk life and limb for peanuts.

“I train with all the greatest guys on the planet, and I have the utmost confidence that I can beat anybody in this division,” Perez stated during his post-fight speech. “But me being at 26, this was my first win in the UFC and my last. I’m done. I’ve brought my dreams to come true. I’m ready for the next chapter in my life. I’m done putting my family and my body through all this.”

Geez, what a wussy – is what 35-fight, 11-year veteran Bisping thought aloud.

“I am glad,” Bisping stated. “And no offense to Frankie Perez, because I don’t know the guy, and I’m sure he’s a very charming individual and a solid person, but if he retired after knocking somebody out in his second UFC [fight], I would say he hasn’t got the cajones to really be in this sport. Because it’s a really tough sport.

“He said he’s sick of what it does to his body. He’s sick of feeling like this. Well, guess what, this sport isn’t designed for everybody, and if you don’t enjoy it, then step away and let the real men do it.”

Apparently, Perez was only capable of being a “real man” 12 times, walking away victorious on 10 of those occasions. He was “man” enough to make it all the way to the UFC, MMA’s premier mixed martial arts promotion.

Bisping thinks Perez has no “cajones” for walking away while he still can on his own accord? Some might argue Perez is smart.

In his UFC debut, Perez made a whopping $8,000 in a loss to Johnny Case. He likely scored twice that amount for beating Stout due to a win bonus.

Speaking of Stout, is that who Bisping would prefer for Perez to mirror? Stout is just five years Perez’s elder, but has 21 more fights under his never-won-a-UFC-title belt. The 12-year veteran has been (T)KO’d in his last three bouts and needs to seriously consider walking away now before his brain turns into complete mush.

Guess what Bisping said about Stout? That he should keep fighting. Shocker, right?

There are plenty of other ways to make a living in this world besides fighting to entertain others – especially when you’re a fighter of Perez’s minimal stature who UFC president Dana White likely wouldn’t even recognize if he passed him on the street.

Nobody makes Ronda Rousey money, but Bisping has been well taken care of by the UFC because they needed him at the beginning of his career to help infiltrate England. Someone like Perez, meanwhile, can be easily replaced by the UFC, then he’ll have to risk his life for spare change in smaller promotions hoping to get back for a shot at earning … $8,000 to show and $8,000 to win in the UFC.

If Perez suddenly lost his “cajones,” then I would argue he found his fully intact brain.

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