Dana White: Stop Stealing my Stuff!!!

Written by Tom Ngo
January 6th, 2010

First it was Metallica getting pissed that fans were jacking their stuff, now UFC president Dana White is putting his two cents in regarding MMA fans that are illegally streaming his pay-per-view shows for the everyday low price of $Free.99.

“You got these websites like Justin.tv, and they pirate all kinds of things,” White stated over the UFC 108 weekend. “They play all kinds of [expletive] on there. Well, we’re gonna make it where it’s not worth it to put UFC events up on the website.”

White appears to be tearing a page right out of Metallica’s playbook as the popular rock group took a similar, yet firmer, stance in the late 1990’s when fans were illegally swapping their music on the web, courtesy of Napster. Remember them???

That was a long and drawn-out process, however the music exchange community that was Napster was ultimately laid to rest. However, that was almost a decade ago and people are still getting music for free.

White knows that he’s fighting an almost impossible battle, but it’s definitely a war worth winning.

“It’s going to be a battle, man. It’s going to be a battle, but I’m ready to [expletive] fight,” White added. “We’re gonna go after them, we’re gonna go after them hard, and we’re gonna hurt them.”

And approximately how hard has the world’s largest mixed martial arts promotion been hit by these despicable computer nerds?

“[Piracy] hasn’t cost us anything compared to what it’s going to cost us to go after these guys,” White matter-of-factly stated. “It’s gonna cost us a lot of money, but guess what — it’s gonna cost them a lot of money. It’s gonna get to the point where it’s like, you know what, [expletive] it, maybe we shouldn’t pirate MMA any more.

“When people start going to jail, people will stop doing it.”

If we want this sport to grow, which we all do, we have to support it. Pay for the pay-per-views people, otherwise Dana’s comin’ after you!

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