Miesha Tate Gets Demoted Again In UFC Bantamweight Division

Written by Tom Ngo
September 9th, 2015

UFC Miesha Tate

Miesha Tate (pictured) was irate last month when she flipped on her TV and saw reigning UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey announce on “Good Morning America” that she was out and Holly Holm was in at UFC 193.

Hopefully Tate wasn’t watching “UFC Tonight” Wednesday, because she received yet another demotion and would have likely thrown the remote at Dana White’s face on the screen.

White had promised Tate next dibs at Rousey’s title after July’s victory over Jessica Eye, but as a UFC president has the prerogative to do, White did an about-face and had Holm leapfrog Tate into the November 14 fight.

“We had talked about that fight between Tate and Eye being the next contender fight, but when you really look at a fight, Miesha Tate has lost to her twice,” White stated on tonight’s show. “She’s lost to Ronda twice. Holly Holm is 9-0 in mixed martial arts.

“We originally brought Holly Holm into the UFC to fight Ronda Rousey. That fight makes sense. Miesha, at this point in her career, if she loses to Ronda Rousey a third time, it’s a career-killer.”

White does have a point. While Tate is the only woman alive to last more than five minutes against Rousey, she was still finished via armbar on two previous occasions and nobody was expecting a different outcome in a third tango.

Furthermore, Rousey has only become more dominant since their last encounter, finishing off all four victims in a combined 130 seconds.

Oh, but White didn’t stop there with the good news. It appears Tate has actually slid a few slots down the bantamweight tote mpole.

“I know it seems like Miesha got a bad break in this thing, but realistically when you look at it, Miesha has lost to her twice,” White said. “Miesha’s going to have to knock a couple more people off to get to Ronda.”

Sorry, Miesha. At least your Seahawks should have a pretty good season…

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