UFC Not Prepared To Reinstate Jon Jones Just Yet

Written by Tom Ngo
September 29th, 2015

UFC Jon Jones

Former UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones (pictured) dodged a major legal bullet Tuesday when he was handed just 18 months probation for April’s felony hit-and-run arrest where a pregnant motorist suffered a broken arm.

The UFC temporarily suspended Jones and stripped him of his title shortly after his latest arrest.

However, despite having this most recent legal woe behind him, the UFC is not quite prepared to allow Jones back into their cage just yet.

“The UFC organization is aware that Jon Jones reached a plea agreement with authorities in Albuquerque, New Mexico this morning stemming from charges associated with a motor vehicle accident earlier this year,” the UFC expressed in a brief statement after Jones’ plea deal. “As a result, UFC, through Las Vegas-based law firm Campbell & Williams, will thoroughly review the agreement before discussing Jones’ possible reinstatement to return to competition.”

This generic statement was strictly a PR move by the UFC. Sure, they’ll “review the agreement,” but that’s just a minor formality. They are more anxious than Jones to get the most dominant man on their roster back in action.

Furthermore, UFC president Dana White was in the courtroom Tuesday in support of Jones.

Ironically, while Jones was busy battling for his freedom inside a courthouse, light heavyweight champ Daniel Cormier is just four days away from defending Jones’ title against Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 192.

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