UFC Investigates Ranking Panelist For Controversial Tweets Of Tyron Woodley

Written by Tom Ngo
October 6th, 2015

UFC Tyron Woodley

Justin Mayer is the epitome of a keyboard warrior, only he actually has some influence on the UFC landscape. Mayer, who writes for Armed Forces Network, was none too pleased that Tyron Woodley (pictured) was handed a welterweight title shot after UFC 191 opponent Johny Hendricks was forced to pull out of Saturday’s fight after succumbing to weight cutting issues.

Mayer took out his frustration on Twitter with some aggressive and unprofessional posts directed towards Woodley and former UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, who was serving as a analyst for UFC 191 on Fox Sports 1.

Mayer is one of 30 media members the UFC chose to help with their Fighter Rankings, which oftentimes determines who gets the next shot at the title.

Here are some of Mayer’s controversial posts:



UFC heavyweight Ben Rothwell caught wind of Mayer’s posts and brought them to UFC vice president of public relations Dave Sholler’s attention, “Is Justin Mayer”official ranking member” banned or what @ufc @arielhelwani @Sholler_UFC @TWooodley @danawhite Zero integrity, he must go.”

Sholler promptly responded and said the UFC is investigating Mayer’s tweets, “Hey Ben! Our team is looking into this. Professionalism in ranking is vital.”

Woodley hopped on Twitter late given his chaotic weekend, but eventually saw what was going down.

“Just read ur ignorant comments. @danawhite @UFC I pray you don’t let him vote on ranking. None of his 32 follower even care. As a spectator be quite. I could have fought for title before this fight,” Woodley stated.

Mayer, whose Twitter handle was @JBizzness34 that had over 1,700 posts and boasted about being a UFC Rankings panelist in his title, has since deleted his account. However, Mayer has reemerged on a different Twitter handle, @JMayerLaunchCG, and is claiming a case of mistaken identity.

Highly unlikely for several reasons. One, who cares about Mayer enough to pretend to be him? Two, why would the alleged impostor delete @JBizzness34 after getting the reaction he was desperately seeking? Three, @JMayerLaunchCG is likely Mayer’s second Twitter account that he was trying to focus strictly on auto racing. Nearly all 87 posts from that account involved racing and there was no mention of the UFC until Sunday, when @JBizzness34 mysteriously disappeared from the Twitterverse.

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