Jon Jones Still Missing The Point After Latest Tweet

Written by Tom Ngo
October 10th, 2015

UFC Jon Jones

After a DUI in 2012 (where he thrashed his $190,000 Bentley that held two female passengers, neither of whom were his fiancée) and April’s felony hit-and-run (where marijuana paraphernalia was found and a pregnant motorist suffered a broken arm), which both resulted in arrests, a positive cocaine test only weeks before January’s successful title defense against Daniel Cormier, the UFC stripping him of the light heavyweight belt, a temporary suspension, lost endorsements and a wavering fanbase, Jon Jones (pictured) still just doesn’t get it.

Jones has been radio silent on Twitter since his latest legal woe, but he reemerged late Friday night to remind everyone where his head is at.

“I’m gonna show you how great I am,” Jones wrote.

The only problem is, nobody is doubting how great of a fighter Jones is. He is the most decorated light heavyweight champion in UFC history, and at just 28 is the game’s most unstoppable force this side of Ronda Rousey.

“Bones” is one of a few current fighters who can legitimately talk legacy and nobody would bat an eye. He could very well be MMA’s GOAT when it’s all said and done.

With his rare combination of size, strength, speed, skill, athleticism and creativity, Jones oozes greatest inside the cage. However, it is his character and irresponsible behavior outside of it that is really eye-opening.

Despite his expanding rap sheet, Jones still doesn’t seem to understand that more is expected of him than only being a great fighter. Nobody is asking him to always behave as the Christian he publicly presents himself to be, but how about just being a person who doesn’t have multiple mug shots that his daughters can Google at a moment’s notice?

Perhaps Jones’ first tweet in five months should have read, “I’m gonna show you how great OF A PERSON I am.”

When Jones pleaded with the Albuquerque judge last month to not throw him in jail for felony hit-and-run, he took full responsibility for his actions and claimed to have learned from his latest mistake.

“I’m hoping that you guys can give me a chance to redeem myself,” Jones said.

Jones actually meant, ANOTHER chance to redeem myself.

How about tweeting a picture of one of the 72 charity or youth outreach appearances he was ordered to serve, instead of being hellbent on showing how great you are?

Jones will likely be reinstated by the UFC shortly, and probably reclaim his throne from Cormier soon after. He is a great fighter, alright. It’s just time to work on becoming a great person.

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