Awkward Alert: Faber And Dillashaw Attend Benavidez’s Wedding

Written by Tom Ngo
October 13th, 2015

UFC Urijah Faber

Persona non grata is the Latin meaning for “an unwelcome person.” TJ Dillashaw (pictured) has officially entered the persona non grata zone at Team Alpha Male now that the UFC bantamweight champion has decided to leave the team who nurtured him throughout his six year MMA career en route to capturing a UFC title in favor of a new squad at Elevation Fight Team.

TAM captain Urijah Faber (pictured) was none too pleased with Dillashaw’s decision, and he hasn’t been shy about airing that dirty laundry.

However, both former teammates were welcome at Joseph Benavidez’s wedding to UFC correspondent Megan Olivi this past Friday in Las Vegas. Let’s just say, it seemed very awkward.

After some serious Twitter and Instagram stalking, I was unable to discover any pictures of Faber and Dillashaw alone together. However, longtime MMA photographer Esther Lin did capture the below image of the two with their fellow No Shirt Nation comrades. Everyone has a huge smile on their face, except Dillashaw, who is standing about as far away from Faber as possible in this particular pic.

While Dillashaw was initially hoping to still have some affiliation with TAM despite his departure, Faber shut that down last week on Stud Radio by stating he didn’t want Dillashaw around after he made a “big-boy” decision to leave.

“He wants to walk away from the team,” Faber stated. “That doesn’t mean you get to come in here and help coach the guys when he’s really going to be watching to see a little opening here or there.”

Dillashaw confirmed on “The MMA Hour” Monday that Faber has in fact barred him from TAM.

MMA teams are often likened to families, and families fight. Speaking of fighting, while Faber and Dillashaw had been reluctant to say they would be willing fight each other in the past, it seems they are both now more than willing to throw down – especially since they’re no longer teammates and the split is far from amicable.

Benavidez and Olivi are simply thankful the new rivals didn’t brawl on their big day.

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