Luke Rockhold: Chris Weidman Isn’t Just Slow, He’s Slow, Slow Slow

Written by Tom Ngo
October 26th, 2015

UFC Luke Rockhold

Speed kills, and unfortunately for reigning UFC middleweight champion Chris Weidman, he’s as slow as a snail and Luke Rockhold (pictured) will make him pay at UFC 194 – so says Rockhold.

Furthering the point, Rockhold claims Weidman isn’t just slow, but “He’s slow, slow, and he’s slow.”

Rockhold didn’t stop there in sizing up his December 14 opponent. The confident challenger believes he can beat Weidman at ever aspect of the MMA game.

“He’s not going to bring anything that I’m not used to,” Rockhold matter-of-factly stated on Submission Radio. “I’m a much higher level in the wrestling. I know he’s good on the feet, I know he’s good on the ground, but same thing as with [Lyoto] Machida on the ground. I have a different level of speed and athleticism and funk, and he’s not going to keep up with me.”

Rockhold is a slight 1.5-1 underdog against “All-American,” but the former Strikeforce champ simply doesn’t understand how that’s possible considering the clear advantages he believes he has against Weidman.

“People wanna say this is a close fight. I don’t see it as that, though,” Rockhold added. “I think Chris is gonna be tough for a round, maybe two. I’m gonna run away with this fight and I’m gonna take the belt home.

“Another belt coming back to AKA. Chris is just too slow, he’s too slow, he’s too slow. That’s all I gotta say. He’s slow, slow, and he’s slow.”

Damn, THREE slows?

Rockhold better be careful, sometimes slow and stead wins the race.

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