Dominick Cruz Clowns TJ Dillashaw On Halloween

Written by Tom Ngo
November 2nd, 2015


While little girls across the globe dressed as UFC women’s bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey for Halloween, Dominick Cruz mirrored – or, should we say mocked? – the UFC’s other 135-pound champ in one of the most original homemade costumes in the history of ever.

Cruz went full on TJ Dillashaw, adding several nice touches to complete the costume.

Let’s start with the blond hair. Nothing special there, but it gets better as you continue down (that’s what she said!). The fake “BANG” tattoo on Cruz’s right bicep signifies Dillashaw’s undying love for his coach, Duane “Bang” Ludwig.

Cruz continued to rip Dillashaw’s relationship with Ludwig with a jar of peanut butter. As you might recall, Urijah Faber claimed Ludwig was looking to make a buck around every turn during his tumultuous tenure as Team Alpha Male coach and allegedly made and sold his own peanut butter to the TAM fighters to help them with their impending weight cuts, all the while stuffing his own pockets with cash.

The best piece of Cruz’s costume is the most subtle. Cruz couldn’t just go to UFC.com and buy a replica belt, or even put on his old authentic UFC bantamweight strap, he made one out of paper. Get it? Because Cruz considers Dillashaw the paper champion since he never beat Cruz to capture the crown.

Slap on some Muay Thai shorts for good measure, and that’s just simply OG.

“@ufc Happy Halloween from the “REAL” champ!” Cruz wrote with his Instagram picture.

Cruz is perfect through his past 11 fights, a torrid run he ignited in 2007. The problem is, “The Dominator” is hurt far more than healthy and the UFC was forced to strip him of his title, which Dillashaw subsequently picked up by beating Renan Barao.

The rivals get to settle once and for all who the UFC’s best bantamweight this side of Ronda Rousey is January 17 in Boston.

Trick or treat!

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