‘Cro Cop’ Admits To Taking Human Growth Hormone

Written by Tom Ngo
November 12th, 2015

UFC Mirko Cro Cop Filipovic

Desperate times call for desperate measure, and that’s were Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic claims he found himself after suffering the shoulder injury that forced him out of this month’s fight against Anthony Hamilton and into retirement.

Filipovic says he wanted to stay in the bout so badly that he tried everything, including “various cocktails of drugs” which ultimately caused him to get handed a provisional suspension by the USADA Wednesday for a potential Anti-Doping Policy violation.

As it turns out, Filipovic revealed Thursday that he took human growth hormones, despite the fact he knew it was on the USADA’s banned substances list, with his blood plasma injections in order to help his shoulder heal faster.

“With each blood plasma, I had a little mix of growth hormone to make my shoulder heal faster, Filipovic wrote on his official website. “Growth hormones are on the list of banned substances. I knew that already. But there was no other way to save my shoulder–at least in my mind–without combining the blood plasma with growth hormones.

“Unfortunately it turns out the only cure was a good break and rest. But a desperate man will try anything.”

The reason the USADA provisionally suspended Filipovic is because the test results aren’t even back yet. The 41-year-old says he told USADA officials of his HGH usage when they surprised him with a random drug test just six days after he began the aggressive and illegal treatment.

Filipovic insists he wasn’t using HGH in order to gain a competitive advantage in the way steroids would. He claims he is not a habitual cheater and only used it in order to heal his wounded shoulder.

“It did not make me any better or increase my performance like testosterone or anabolic steroids would, but those are the rules,” he said. “On Friday I was still telling them to not cancel the fight and that I wanted to fight because of all the hard work I had done.

“I was tested 5 different times up to this point in the UFC, the last time after the Gonzaga fight, and each time the test results were clear.”

Filipovic is facing at least a two year suspension from the UFC, which is really a moot point considering he’s retired.

“This calling out and suspensions have no meaning anymore, but I do understand the UFC; I get it. They just want to defend themselves,” Filipovic said.

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