Ronda Rousey To Blame For Miesha Tate’s Gatekeeper Status

Written by Tom Ngo
November 14th, 2015

UFC Miesha Tate

Today was supposed to be the day Miesha Tate (pictured) challenges reigning UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey for her crown at UFC 193. Unfortunately for Tate, she’ll be watching Rousey face Holly Holm from the comforts of her couch like the rest of the MMA world.

Tate was promised a trilogy with Rousey after beating Jessica Eye in July, but UFC Dana White abruptly did an about-face and leapfrogged Holm into the top contender slot because “we’ve already seen it before.” White’s right, Rousey holds two armbar submission wins over Tate, so arranging Part III really made no sense outside of the fact Tate earned it.

Tate is still so heated that the 29-year-old is contemplating retirement. It’s hard not to wonder what will be going through her mind when Holm and Rousey take center stage tonight in front of what could be as many as 75,000 fans, beating the UFC’s live attendance record by nearly 20,000.

It will be a memorable night, alright. But just one Tate would love to forget.

Rousey was asked of Tate’s predicament, and as expected, “Rowdy” couldn’t care less about her bitter rival getting slighted.

“She’s already gotten more chances than anybody else,” Rousey said during Thursday’s media Day. “What are you bitching about? You already got your ass beat twice.

“I don’t feel bad for her at all. She thought I didn’t deserve a title shot when I got one. Who am I to begrudge that to Holly?”

The worst part for Tate is that she won’t even get the winner of tonight’s scrap. White said in September that she would need to “knock a couple more people off to get to Ronda.”

Oh, so all Tate needs is for Holm to overcome her 10-1 underdog status and serve up an upset special and then she’ll get her title shot. If that happens, which is far from realistic given Rousey’s dominance, the UFC would surely grant their golden girl an immediate rematch and Tate would still be on the outside looking in.

As long as Rousey’s around, Tate will never be anything more than a gatekeeper. The truth hurts sometimes, but not as badly as Rousey ripping off your arm for a third time.

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