Miesha Tate Takes Gloating To New Level After Ronda Rousey Loss

Written by Tom Ngo
November 15th, 2015

UFC Miesha Tate

Apparently, the only person happier than Holly Holm Saturday night was Miesha Tate (pictured).

Tate initially just issued a couple smiley face emojis on Twitter to share her joy after watching bitter rival Ronda Rousey get knocked out in highlight reel fashion, but “Cupcake” decided to take her jubilation a step further by hopping on the mic at a UFC 193 party she was hosting at Sapphire Las Vegas.

“I’m f*cking stoked! Honestly, f*ck Ronda Rousey,” Tate shouted, via MMA News Source. “F*ck her and her ‘Nobody has the right to beat me.’ Nobody has the right to beat you? Well you just got beat, b*tch!

“Anyways, I’m proud of Holly. She had a perfect, flawless game plan. She came in with it tonight and now she is the champion.”

Tate wasn’t just another observer Saturday. She was initially promised the fight against Rousey, but was unexpectedly pulled in favor of Holm because Rousey already holds two submission wins over her, so there is some serious bitterness. The 29-year-old has even been contemplating retirement because she felt so snubbed.

However, with a new ruler on the bantamweight throne, Tate appears prepared to return to action believing she’s first in line for a crack at Holm’s crown.

“I’m looking forward to that fight. I think I’m next in line,” Tate said.

Yeah, about that…

UFC president Dana White said an immediate rematch between Rousey and Holm “makes the most sense.”

Well, that will take some of Tate’s jubilation away, but probably not too much.

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