Jon Jones Discards Daniel Cormier’s Criticism Of Buffer Body

Written by Tom Ngo
December 2nd, 2015


If you’ve been following Jon Jones’ Instagram account, you know he’s been hitting the weights – HARD. The former UFC light heavyweight champion appears hellbent on returning to the cage looking bigger and badder than ever.

Jones’ once lanky frame, the same lanky frame he used to become the most decorated 205-pound champ in UFC history, has been replaced with muscles on his muscles.

Jones’ refined physique has many, including bitter rival and current UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier, to question how the added muscle will effect his performance in a lengthy title fight.

“Looking at all the extra bulk, to me I was like, ‘Well, maybe this will slow him down. Maybe he won’t be the fastest guy. Maybe this guy is messing with what was given to him.’ In reality, what has been given to him is perfect,” Cormier said Monday on The MMA Hour. “Now he’s gotten bigger. For me as a competitor, I thought, ‘Wow. You start messing with the recipe — the recipe that’s actually really, really good — maybe this opens up the door for some of his competitors.'”

It didn’t take Jones long to catch wind for Cormier’s comments. As expected, he disagreed with everything his archenemy had to say.

“If you honestly think transforming 10lbs of fat into muscle will slow me down you’re sadly mistaken. I appreciate your concerns DC,” Jones tweeted late Tuesday night. “Less talk, more work. I want you at your best. We are going to see how slow I am when I foot sweep you on your ass again.

“DC tries to get me double guessing my physical strength but fails to mention how he’s going to deal with my mental.”

Jones added that he has surrounded himself with professionals to ensure he is smart about his physical transformation.

Jones was stripped of his title and issued an indefinite suspension by the UFC following April’s felony hit-and-run arrest. The UFC reinstated Jones in September after the troubled 28-year-old avoided jail time for his latest legal hiccup by cutting a plea deal.

It is believed Jones will get an immediate crack at Cormier’s crown to try and reclaim his throne upon return.

Jones dominated Cormier in January to post a division record eighth straight title defense.

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