Las Vegas Oddsmakers A Mess Over Jose Aldo vs. Conor McGregor

Written by Tom Ngo
December 12th, 2015

UFC Conor McGregor

You’re favored! No, you’re favored! Wait, now you’re dead even!

UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor (pictured) and UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo couldn’t care less about who is favored to unify the 145-pound title tonight at UFC 194, but gamblers sure seem to be.

When the highly-anticipated matchup was initially announced back in August, McGregor opened as a 2-1 odds-on favorite to hand Aldo his first loss in a decade. Since then, specifically within the last 24 hours, their odds have been like a roller coaster.

Just before Friday’s weigh-ins, McGregor had dropped to a -120 favorite, with Aldo at +110. Following their heated face-off, Aldo suddenly jumped in the lead and became a -115 favorite and McGregor was a slight +105 underdog.

During that 30-minute window, the lines were all over the place depending on which Las Vegas casino you played at. At the MGM, where UFC 194 takes place and there is a strong Irish contingent, McGregor held steady at -135. Just down the street at SLS Las Vegas, McGregor was only -115.

When I rested my pretty little head on the pillow late last night, Aldo was the favorite at -115 (McGregor +105). When I woke up eight hours later, Aldo pulled even further away at -125 (McGregor +115).

And now, just as I’m about to click “Publish” on this article? They are all knotted up, dead even at -115 apiece.

Money talks, and the late money has Las Vegas oddsmakers a mess. It will be interesting to see what these lines close at when the cage door slams shut tonight.

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