Nick Diaz Claims Georges St-Pierre On Steroids In UFC 158 Fight

Written by Tom Ngo
December 23rd, 2015

UFC Nick Diaz

For someone who is currently serving a five-year drug suspension, Nick Diaz (pictured) sure had a lot to say about what he believes former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre was on in their blockbuster bout in 2013. Diaz, without any proof, is accusing St-Pierre of taking steroids in his unanimous decision win at UFC 158.

Don’t feel singled out, Georges. Diaz thinks nearly everyone in MMA is juicing.

“I’m pretty convinced about everybody is on steroids. I mean everybody,” Diaz said on Chael Sonnen’s You’re Welcome podcast. “Me and my brother, I don’t think Frankie’s (Edgar) on steroids, but these guys, a lot of them they’re on steroids. That stuff messes with chemicals in your head. I’m just talking s–t on everybody right now cause as far as I’m concerned, everybody’s on steroids.

“Georges St-Pierre was on steroids when I fought him.”

UFC 158 took place in St-Pierre’s hometown of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and Diaz believes the then-champ received plenty of home cooking from the Quebec Athletic Commission, the committee who oversaw the event.

“They didn’t test us because I would have tested positive for sure,” Diaz said after admitting to having marijuana in his system throughout training camp. “I thought it was my last fight ever. What do I care? It’s like almost asking too much to win and not give away that fine. I’m like what do I care about the fine?

“That dude needs to come back and give me another fight as far as I’m concerned. As long as I can fight. They did not test him for steroids for that fight. They did not test us.”

St-Pierre has never tested positive for any banned substances throughout his illustrious 11-year career. In fact, he said one of the primary reasons that drove him into early retirement was the UFC’s lax drug testing policy.

With the chatter of a potential St-Pierre comeback at an all-time high, it’s obvious why Diaz is just now making these public accusations against St-Pierre. However, Diaz has his own drug testing drama to iron out before he’s allowed to fight anyone, let alone St-Pierre.

Diaz and his legal team have been working with the Nevada Athletic Commission on reducing his ridiculous five-year ban after flunking his UFC 183 drug exam. It was the third time Diaz had tested positive for weed in the state.

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