Michael Bisping Attacks Anderson Silva For Failed Drug Test

Written by Tom Ngo
December 29th, 2015

UFC Michael Bisping

Anderson Silva understandably wants to sweep his failed drug test under the rug, but Michael Bisping (pictured) thinks it’s complete garbage how “arrogant” Silva is acting about his cheating ways.

“I’m blown away by his arrogance. How on earth do you expect me not mention that in your last fight you tested positive for three banned substances?” a baffled Bisping asked on Tuesday’s conference call. “It’s very, very relevant, so of course I want him to be tested. The fact that he wants me to not mention it, to just brush it under the carpet, to be quite frank, I’m blown away by his arrogance.”

Silva failed his pre-fight, out-of-competition drug exam on January 9 for Drostanolone metabolites and Androsterone, a form of endogenous testosterone. Silva then tested positive in his UFC 183 post-fight drug test, which was administered by the Nevada Athletic Commission the night of his unanimous decision victory over Nick Diaz, for Oxazepam and Temazepam – two prohibited Benzodiazepines, as well as Drostanalone.

During August’s hearing before the commission, Silva acted aloof and cried the generic I-had-no-idea-what-I-was-consuming defense. The 40-year-old merely revealed he took a mysterious blue vial from Thailand for three months despite not knowing its contents other than it should help his sexual performance.

As expected, nobody, including the NAC, was buying Silva’s defense and he was banned one year retroactive to his January 31 fight date and fined $380,000. His win over Diaz was also overturned to a no contest.

Silva believes that because he had never previously flunked a drug test throughout his illustrious 18-year career, this “error” should be viewed as nothing more than a mistake. He is now focused on his dream of reclaiming the UFC middleweight title and wants to put this controversy behind him.

Bisping is not about to give Silva a free pass, especially since his defense has more holes in it than Swiss cheese.

“All fighters are chasing the dream of being a champion and you’ve got to do it through hard work and determination,” Bisping said. “And that fact of the matter is, Anderson Silva tested positive for not one, not two, but three banned substances were found inside his body. And while I respect him as a fighter, I’ve got to say I’ve lost a lot of respect for him for that. And this fight represents me beating all these people that want to cheat the system. I have never taken a performance-enhancing drug in my life and anybody that does should be ashamed.

“This should be talked about more, and I want to be tested throughout this camp. Come and take my blood right now. You can get me to pee in a cup every day of this fight camp and I hope that happens and I hope Anderson is tested many times, because he should be tested many times because he failed the test. Not once, not twice, but three times.”

As much as Silva would like for his failed drug test to disappear, best believe Bisping will keep it in the headlines leading into their February 27 showdown.

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