Donald Cerrone And Others Fined For Reebok Uniform Violation

Written by Tom Ngo
January 7th, 2016

UFC Donald Cerrone

We all knew Donald Cerrone (pictured) was a “Cowboy,” hence the nickname, but who knew he was such an outlaw? Cerrone, along with two other UFC fighters, will receive less Reebok money after “seriously” tampering with their uniforms at December’s UFC on FOX 17 event.

“We have had over 99 percent compliance with the Athlete Outfitting Policy,” UFC Senior Vice President of Global Consumer Products Tracey Bleczinski told MMAjunkie.com. “This week will be the first time that we will be issuing reduction in payments for non-compliance with the policy.”

Bleczinski did not reveal the names of the three perpetrators, nor the amounts they will withhold from their Reebok sponsorship checks. However, Cerrone confirmed on Twitter that he was in fact a culprit.

Cerrone added a patch to the front right side of his shorts in last month’s loss to UFC lightweight champ Rafael Dos Anjos. The fight only lasted 66 seconds, so it’s understandable why most missed his redesign.

According to Bleczinski, UFC athletes have every opportunity to ensure they are compliant with Reebok’s wishes throughout fight week.

“A warning is issued when an athlete is non-compliant but agrees and takes steps to correct the infraction,” Bleczinski said. “There is ample opportunity for an athlete to correct an infraction. The equipment department, as well as our athlete relations teams, are onsite at the event throughout event week, helping the athletes to be compliant. We know that there’s very much an educational process around this, and so that’s why they’re just receiving a warning letter.

“A payment reduction is enacted when an athlete knowingly and seriously violates the policy after receiving an opportunity to correct it.”

In addition, Bleczinski revealed another 12 UFC fighters will receive warning letters for non-compliance issues.

It is unknown what the UFC intends to do with the money that’s being withheld from the three fighters.

Cerrone would have received $30,000 from Reebok had he not tampered with his wardrobe.

The UFC kicked off their exclusive, and highly controversial, apparel commitment with Reebok in July. The six-year, reported $70 million agreement has not been received well by most fighters who claim they have suffered significant financial losses from the deal.

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