Dana White Unsure When Ronda Rousey Will Return To UFC

Written by Tom Ngo
January 12th, 2016

UFC Ronda Rousey

UFC 200 is expected to be box office. However, the July 9 show will not showcase the promotion’s biggest mainstream superstar.

On Tuesday, UFC president Dana White told Yahoo! Sports that Ronda Rousey (pictured) will not perform in the event because filming of the remake “Roadhouse,” where Rousey will serve as the movie’s main character, has been pushed back.

“The filming of the movie got pushed back,” White said. “She could do both, but the question is, should she do both? She could do both, but why should she? The filming is in a time frame where she’d finish before 200, but it would be cutting it too close.”

Rousey was expected to get an immediate rematch with Holly Holm, the woman who shocked the MMA world by knocking Rousey out with a highlight reel head kick at UFC 193 in November to steal the bantamweight title. Since Rousey wasn’t ready to go, the UFC decided to allow Holm to defend her throne against Miesha Tate at UFC 197 in March first.

Many were thinking if Holm was victorious, the timeline would be perfect to rematch Rousey at UFC 200. However, Rousey’s secondary job threw a monkey wrench into things and “Rowdy’s” return to MMA is now unknown.

For those of you who thought White would be irate with Rousey because movies are effecting his business, like he was when Quinton “Rampage” Jackson requested time off to film “The A-Team,” think again. He and Rousey’s are BFFs, so he was more than happy to grant Rousey her wish given what she’s done for the UFC in the past few years.

“The way I look at this one is, Ronda has worked her ass off for us for the last three years,” White said. “She’s been fighting, promoting and building the sport. If anyone deserves the time off, it’s her. The night [of UFC 193] Holly said she’d do the rematch and that Ronda deserved it and everything else. So we were holding it for her if she wanted to do it.

“What that woman has done is above and beyond what anyone has done. I mean, it’s just unbelievable what she’s done in the last three years. Anything we needed, she didn’t say no to anything; said no to nothing. She even took over responsibilities somebody else was supposed to have. So when she tells me she wants more time, you know what? She’s got it.”

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