Matt Mitrione Posts Gruesome Pic Of Broken Orbital Floor

Written by Tom Ngo
January 18th, 2016

UFC Matt Mitrione Eye

Here’s an image to add to your, “Oh dear God I wish I never saw that” list. UFC heavyweight Matt Mitrione (pictured) posted a selfie Sunday night showing off his ballooned right eye.

Mitrione suffered a broken orbital floor to his right eye during the controversial TKO defeat to Travis Browne, who is taking tons of heat for the two accidental eye pokes he landed on Mitrione’s eye before breaking it.

Although Mitrione’s vision was clearly effected by the eye pokes, he told the cageside doctors on both occasions that he wanted to continue fighting. While the eye pokes weren’t the direct cause of Mitrione’s broken orbital, it’s hard to believe his blurred vision didn’t play a part in getting punched in the same eye.

“I’m sorry I lost tonight. If this was my last fight, I wanted to go out on my shield. The eye pokes had an effect but things happen,” Mitrione wrote on Twitter. “Broken orbital floor. This and the shoulder happened after the 2nd eye poke. I don’t think they would’ve happened.”

When the fight was stopped in the third round, Mitrione bounced to his feet and cameras caught a quick glimpse of his eye. It looked as though there was an egg growing on it. Physicians promptly gave him a pack of ice to hold on it.

The bout marked the last on Mitrione’s UFC contract. He declined an extension prior to the scrap, hoping the roll of the dice would pay off with a win over Browne.

Mitrione said he would be content with walking away from MMA if he doesn’t see a contract offer to his liking. Let’s just hope he has access to both eyes when the UFC slides that new proposal in front of him.

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