Dana White Won’t Cater To Jose Aldo’s Demands

Written by Tom Ngo
January 28th, 2016

UFC Jose Aldo

Former UFC featherweight king Jose Aldo (pictured) threw down the gauntlet on his bosses Wednesday when he demanded an immediate rematch with Conor McGregor, an instant title shot, or both.

“Hi everyone, i was quiet for a while because i was waiting for my rematch based on how the fight Went down, in fact I was already training for it, but apparently I was wrong,” Aldo posted on his Instagram account. “So I wanted to make something clear to UFC: for everything I have done, everything I have accepted and mostly how the fight ended, I will not accept any other fight other than a title shot . My only exception would be fighting the notorious , at any time, anywhere , and once that he is afraid and knows that I’m gonna win ….

“Doesn’t have to be title fight against him. Keep my belt, but I wanna whoop ur ass anywhere. @danawhite @lorenzofertitta @ufc keep ur word. I still believe in the company that I work for. #rematch”

UFC president Dana White heard Aldo’s plea loud and clear. Unfortunately for the Brazilian, his request is falling on deaf ears at this moment.

“It’s one of those things, we made the fight the first time and [Aldo] got hurt and had to pull out,” White said while appearing as a guest on Opie & Jim Norton. “Then we made it again, and it ended in 13 seconds. It’s tough to make that fight again right away.

“Plus, Conor wants to be a two-belt champion, so he wants to fight [UFC lightweight champion Rafael] dos Anjos.”

In the most anticipated featherweight fight in MMA history, Aldo was finished in UFC-record time for a championship affair at UFC 194. Aldo had won 18 straight scraps, including nine consecutive title defenses (WEC and UFC), prior to finding himself unconscious on the canvas at the hands of McGregor in December.

Aldo was the only featherweight champion the UFC had ever known, so many, including Aldo, believe that if anyone deserves an immediate rematch given his illustrious résumé and contributions to the sport, it’s “Scarface.” The UFC and their latest cash cow have different plans.

McGregor is jumping to the lightweight class to challenge Dos Anjos for his crown at UFC 196 on March 5 to try and become the first UFC fighter to simultaneously possess two different belts.

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