Ronda Rousey’s Coach Suspended And Fined For Lying On Application

Written by Tom Ngo
February 2nd, 2016

Edmond Tarverdyan

It has not been a good 24-hour stretch for Ronda Rousey’s longtime coach, Edmond Tarverdyan (pictured). A day after his prized protege’s mother verbally lambasted him again, Tarverdyan was issued a three-month suspension and fined $5,000 for falsifying information on his April 2, 2015 cornerman license application.

Tarverdyan was also placed on probation for three years.

MMAFighting.com first reported Tarverdyan’s punishment.

The California State Athletic Commission initially suspended Tarverdyan’s license in January after discovering he pled no contest to two felony counts of identity theft and one count of resisting arrest in 2010. He was sentenced to one day in jail, placed on probation for three years and issued 30 days of community service.

On Tarverdyan’s application with the CSAC, he checked “no” when asked if he had any previous criminal offenses. All information contained in licensing paperwork is submitted under the penalty of perjury.

In a letter Tarverdyan submitted to the CSAC prior to Tuesday’s ruling, the 34-year-old apologized for what transpired while never admitting any wrongdoing:

“I want to first and foremost apologize to Executive Officer Andy Foster and the honorable commissioner. I take my position and role in combat sports very seriously, and I regret if this matter has caused any embarrassment to the California State Athletic Commission.

“In my life, I have not concealed my past indiscretions from people I come into contact with. And I do not want to do so in this instance. I train many young athletes and when I see that they are heading down the wrong path in life, I often remind them of the mistakes and regrets of my past as a way to guide them onto the right track in life. I hope to continue to take the opportunity to help others in combat sports to make the correct moral and ethical decisions in their lives. And I intend to make the correct decisions in my life as well.”

According to the December 5, 2010 police report, Tarverdyan was the passenger when the Glendale Police Department pulled over the car he was riding in. He stared mouthing off and had to be hit two times with a taser.

After searching Tarverdyan’s pockets, police discovered a stack of papers with multiple social security, credit card and PIN numbers.

Tarverdyan’s cash cow is Rousey, so today’s ruling won’t affect his ability to corner Rousey in her next match. Rousey was expected to get an immediate rematch with UFC bantamweight champion Holly Holm at UFC 200 in July, but Rousey requested and was granted additional time off after filming for “Road House,” where Rousey plays the lead role, was delayed.

I’m sure momma Rousey will surely have plenty to say about this…

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