Shinya Aoki is MMA’s New Bad Boy

Written by Tom Ngo
January 10th, 2010

World Victory Road held a press conference last week to discuss the fallout from their New Year’s Eve co-promotion with Dream, “Dynamite!! 2009.” As expected, temperatures erupted when it was time to discuss Shinya Aoki and his antics after breaking Mizuto Hirota’s right arm.

WVR, the parent company of Sengoku Raiden Championship, was not only pissed Aoki felt it necessary to break their lightweight champ’s limb, but added that standing over a beaten and battered man and flipping him off was “humiliating behavior.”

MMAMania is reporting that WVR director, Sumio Inamura, feels Aoki should be punished for his “erratic, unforgivable conduct.” He also demanded accountability from “those who are suspected to have incited Aoki to behave the way he did.”

Oh, and as far as Aoki’s apology goes, Inamura says he can take his “heartfelt” sorry and shove it up his Aoki!!!

One can certainly see how Aoki’s, “following through with [Dream matchmaker Keiichi Sasahara’s] order to kill him,” statement after the fight may come across as disingenuous (Please see Gilbert Arenas), but Insmura isn’t just looking for a “stern warning” here. He wants Aoki suspended.

Unfortunately for WVR, this isn’t the NBA, and Dream isn’t about to sideline one of their most popular fighters for steamrolling your champion, especially since they ordered the Code Red (ALLEGEDLY).

My two cents … “Fighters, protect yourselves until I tell you to stop.”

Thanks to HDNet and MMAJunkie.com, we’re able to watch the scrap as many times as we want, and I have, and although Aoki probably/most likely/definitely knew he was in position to break Hirota’s arm with the greatest of ease, Hirota REFUSED to tap.

Could Aoki have gradually increased the intensity of the hold until Hirota DECIDED it was time to submit, yes – he definitely was in a strong enough position to do so, but why the hell would he???

It’s a fight, anything can happen and that’s why Hirota held on ’til the last second. What if Hirota miraculously rolls out and puts Aoki to sleep with a right?

Yeah, that would indeed be the same right that Aoki “should have” broken moments earlier.

Make no mistake about it, taunting a severely injured foe is classless, but you can’t do more than call Aoki an A-Hole for that. So we are.

Aoki, if you had a Twitter, this is what we’d Tweet you:

“Shinya, although we respect your skills immensely, your behavior on NYE was nothing short of classless. Unfortunately, I can never look at you the same way. Please come to the UFC so BJ can wax you. Happy New Year from your friends at 5thRound.com.”

Damn it, that’s way over 140 characters …

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